Study Description

Study Goal

The goal of this study is to develop a preliminary design for reconstructing PTH 100 to a freeway standard, with accommodation for six lanes, and preliminary designs of the associated structures. It will identify the locations and configurations of proposed interchanges, rail grade separations and waterways crossings.

The preliminary design will be used as the basis for department decisions such as:

  • protecting and acquiring land that will be needed for right-of-way purposes
  • identification and protection of property for required local internal roads and service roads to provide adjacent land access locations and guide adjacent development
  • construction planning, prioritization and budgeting
  • environmental approvals and licensing
  • interactions with railway crossings and active transportation facilities
  • utility placement and relocation
  • detailed design of the highway, interchanges and structures
  • discussions with land owners, stakeholders and the public


A component of this study includes the development of a preliminary design for a proposed bypass of St. Norbert to expressway standards as part of developing the design for its interchange with PTH 100.  Expressway standard means that it will be a four-lane divided roadway with limited at-grade intersections (one or two) in between the interchange connections at each end.