Motor Carrier


Attain, maintain and be the recognized leader of the safest motor carrier operating environment in North America


While valuing the diversity of our people, innovative culture and public stewardship, enhance public safety through the development, communication and administration of commercial motor carrier and shortline provincial railway regulatory and safety services, in a manner that protects infrastructure and promotes the economy.

Program Activities

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Commercial Vehicle Safety & Permits (CVSP) – enhance public safety by providing financial, administrative and training support, programs and services to the division, external agencies and the motor carrier industry. MCSP provides a comprehensive safety program for monitoring and regulating the performance of short line intra-provincial railways, maintains a carrier profile system (CPS) that captures data on railroad and motor carrier demographics, monitors insurance records for public liability and property damage for motor carriers, administers a safety fitness test upon entry to the industry for commercial motor carriers and assigns safety ratings through the Safety Fitness Certificate Program.

Motor Carrier Commercial Vehicle & Safety Permits (CVSP) – develop, issue and administer oversize and overweight permit policies; collect single trip, fuel tax, permit and authority fees. MCPD also assists in the development and implementation of the annual Spring Road Restrictions Program and maintains the automated routing and permitting system (ARPS) and delivery of the TPIF program.

Motor Carrier Enforcement Programs (MCEP) develop, administer and monitor programs relative to the commercial motor carrier industry, including vehicle weights and dimensions, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), Mechanical Truck Safety Inspection Program, load securement, dangerous goods, licensing, the National Safety Code and the Spring Road Restrictions Program. MCEP delivers a facility audit program to affect improvement of motor carriers' safety operations.

Motor Carrier Strategic Initiatives (MCSI) - enhances public safety, protects infrastructure and promotes the economy by identifying, investigating, analyzing and developing surface transportation policy, safety and enforcement initiatives. MCSI provides research and analytical support to the Manitoba Motor Transport Board and the Manitoba Taxicab Board, develops and maintains a strategic plan and performance measurement system for the Motor Carrier Division, provides research, analysis and policy development in support of Motor Carrier Division initiatives and provides research, analysis and policy development in response to new and emerging issues and factors that impact Motor Carrier Division programs.