About Us

The Traffic Engineering Branch enhances the safety and efficiency of vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the provincial highway network by providing specialized traffic, operations, engineering support, standards and data.

What We Do

  • Manage and direct the installation, maintenance and operation of all traffic control devices including traffic signals, major signs, flashing lights and pedestrian corridors and traffic barriers (guardrails).
  • Establish standards/policies for the installation and maintenance of all traffic control devices.
  • Manage and direct the reviews respecting speed limits on provincial routes.
  • Review speed limit change requests on provincial highways and roadways
  • Provide expertise respecting traffic control within the Engineering and Operations Division, and to other departments and jurisdictions.
  • Manage and direct the illumination of provincial highways.
  • Manage and direct the traffic monitoring program including the production of an annual report on traffic flows on the provincial highway system.
  • Maintain a database of traffic collisions on provincial highways to assist in the identification of problem areas and the development and evaluation of mitigation measures.
  • Manage railway crossing safety on the provincial road network.

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