The Manitoba Water Services Board assists rural residents outside Winnipeg in developing safe and sustainable water and/or sewerage facilities.
The Board's primary objectives are to ensure that public health and/or environmental concerns are alleviated; and to ensure the sustainability of rural communities. Fulfillment of these objectives will support and promote sustainable community development activities.
Neepawa Water Tower
The Board provides technical and financial assistance to municipalities and water co-operatives
in the:
  • obtaining, development, transmission, distribution and control of water supplies; and
  • collection, treatment and disposal of municipal sewage in a manner consistent with environmental sustainability.
To do this, the Board prioritizes project requests for assistance, and subject to the availability of funds and approvals, enters into an agreement with the municipality(ies). The Board acts as project managers to procure, on behalf of the municipalities, all services including the hiring of private engineering consultants for design and the tendering and awarding of contracts for installation of infrastructure works. The Board's commitment to the "best sustainable option" takes into account engineering feasibility, legal requirements, capital and operating costs, and development plans for the area and the unique requirements of the community.


The Manitoba Water Services Board (MWSB) is a Crown Corporation that has provided assistance to rural Manitobans for over 60 years in the development of safe, affordable and sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure addressing public health and environmental issues.


MWSB acts as Project Managers on behalf of Municipal Relations and legally incorporated Water Co-operatives to conduct engineering feasibility studies and design services, tendering and administration of Contracts and supervision during construction, in the development of water and wastewater projects.


The objectives of the Board are to provide technical and financial assistance to rural Manitobans in four areas:
  1. Development of potable water supply, treatment, storage and distribution
  2. Provision of drought resistant, safe water supplies for domestic and livestock needs.
  3. Collection and treatment of sewage
  4. Environmentally sustainable disposal of treated effluent and waste sludge

Board Members

  • Deputy Minister, Municipal and Northern Relations (Chair)
  • Deputy Minister, Central Services (Vice Chair)
  • Deputy Minister, Conservation and Climate
  • President, Association of Manitoba Municipalities
  • Executive Director, Association of Manitoba Municipalities
Further detailed information on The Manitoba Water Services Board programs may be obtained by contacting:
The Manitoba Water Services Board
Unit 1A - 2010 Currie Boulevard
Brandon, Manitoba
R7B 4E7
Phone: (204) 726-6076
Fax: (204) 726-7196