Manitoba Women's Advisory Council

Members of Council

Barbara Bowes, Chairperson (Winnipeg)

Barbara Bowes (Winnipeg) is an accomplished human resource professional, keynote speaker, trainer and author of seven books related to career management and employee relations.  She is president of Legacy Bowes Group, Winnipeg’s premier HR Solutions provider and is also a weekly newspaper columnist with the Winnipeg Free Press.  Barbara is a certified management consultant (CMC), a chartered human resource management professional (CPHR - Fellow), and holds a master of administration in education degree. Following a 7 year stint as a local radio host, Barbara now provides ongoing expert HR and career advice to several local news outlets.

Barbara is well known in Manitoba and NW Ontario for her work in coaching and advising women on how to succeed in their careers and raising scholarship dollars for single parents returning to school. Barbara has also assisted many women across Canada find their voice through contributions to book anthologies and guiding them through the world of self-publishing.

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Dr. Romona Goomansingh (Winnipeg)

Dr. Romona Goomansingh was born and raised in Winnipeg. She holds a PhD in the area of teaching, learning and student development from the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. She teaches at the Faculty of Education of the University of Manitoba and her areas of expertise are teaching and learning, cross-cultural studies, and equity issues. Romona is also an educator at McNally Robinson Booksellers of Winnipeg and a freelance correspondent on the topic of South Asian culture with the Winnipeg Free Press. She is an active member of Winnipeg's South Asian community.  

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Kristen Lynch (Winnipeg)

Kristen Lynch is the president and managing partner of KiK Innovation Inc., a marketing/communications company based in Winnipeg. As a leading brand and marketing consultant to numerous organizations, many of Kristen’s clients conduct business across Canada and internationally. She is also the Executive Director of NAPHIA (the North American Pet Health Insurance Association). Kristen is a graduate of Red River Community College’s Creative Communications program and has served as a longstanding board member of the Nellie McClung Foundation and volunteer of the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

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Verna A. Klippenstein Heinrichs (Altona)

Verna A. Klippenstein Heinrichs is a trilingual (fluent in Scandinavian Dutch, English and German) and highly motivated, results oriented professional.  She has extensive experience and a proven high performance record in a unique mix of international trade, agribusiness, agricultural exports, environmental and investment endeavors, as well as a background in post-secondary education and health care.

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Doris Mae Oulton (Winnipeg)

Doris Mae Oulton has extensive experience working with the both the provincial and federal government. She was Manitoba's ADM of Status of Women, ADM of Immigration and CEO of the Children and Youth Secretariat. At Health Canada, she helped establish an oral health program in First Nations communities across Canada and worked for the Treasury Board of Canada on disability management and performance management programs. She is past national president of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW), chair of the CFUW Charitable Trust and also sits on the board of the Nellie McClung Foundation.

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Margaret Roscelli (Oak Lake)

Margaret Roscelli is the Executive Health Director for the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation.  She is committed to improving the health status of First Nations people and has over 20 years of experience in the field.  Margaret is a spiritual person, active in her culture; Dakota is her first language and she is a strong advocate for the revitalization of First Nations languages.  She is also active in her community and coordinates many events to bring awareness and prevention on the issue of violence against women and girls. One of her goals for her work and community is to establish overall safety and wellness for all members.

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Maggie Masi (Winnipeg)

Maggie Masi is a natural and persuasive communicator who is recognized among colleagues as a strong leader with a keen ability to create cohesion among individuals striving toward a common goal.  She is a dedicated civil servant, devoting the last seven years to the safety of the Manitoba public. Maggie is also a strong advocate for LGBTTQ and diverse populations in government, as well as the rights of victims of domestic violence.  She excels in both primary duties and secondary responsibilities within her current employment, while balancing personal development within her profession and community.

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Lizanne Lachance (Winnipeg)

Lizanne Lachance currently works as a bilingual Registered Nurse at VillaYouville Personal Care Home(PCH) in Ste. Anne, Manitoba. Her nursing career also included being employed as a staff nurse in palliative care and post neuro-surgical units in Winnipeg hospitals. She has extensive communication experience as a nurse manager at Action Marguerite PCH in St. Boniface and previously worked for both Global Television and the Manitoba Government.  Lizanne obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Winnipeg, in addition to a Bachelor of Nursing and Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Manitoba.

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Jennifer Flett (The Pas Opaskwayak Cree Nation)

Jennifer Flett is the first female to be elected into the position of Vice Onekanew (Chief) for the Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN) having been elected into office in September 2016.  Prior to this, she worked in the area of corrections for 20 years and also has extensive experience working for her community in the areas of health, finance, administration and lands.  Jennifer is a graduate from the University of Manitoba and hold a Bachelor of Arts degree (Psychology major).  She looks forward to serving her community and hopes to make many positive, long lasting changes that will provide a fair, transparent and economically viable future for all OCN members.

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