Film Production and Special Event Traffic Control

Authorization to Allow Flag Persons to Control Traffic

Under The Highway Traffic Act, the Province of Manitoba sets out conditions for film productions or special events that want to use provincial highways and roads for events of filming.

Organizations are required to submit an application and Traffic Control Plan to Manitoba Infrastructure in order to obtain a permit, as outlined by the Film Production and Special Events involving Provincial Highways Policy and in Manitoba’s Work Zone Traffic Control Manual (PDF, 5.9 MB). Permits issued include conditions of use and operation. Similarly, for use of municipal roads, a traffic management plan is required for submission to the City of Winnipeg or other city or municipality.

Within the permit, the traffic authority specifies the conditions and the number of traffic control personnel or certified flag persons that are required to use the road for a film production or special event. In the case of events or other circumstances that are not authorized under permit, flag persons are not permitted to control traffic.

Use of flag persons to control traffic under circumstances that pose a higher risk and require more extensive training would likely not be authorized

Application for Permit

To request use of certified flag persons to control traffic for a special event or film production on provincial highways or roads, complete the application and include a traffic control plan and submit to Manitoba Infrastructure, Traffic Engineering Branch:

Policy and Application to Conduct Filming Operations or Special Event on or Adjacent to a Highway

Sample traffic control plans are available in the Work Zone Traffic Control Manual

Transportation and Infrastructure recommends preparation of the traffic control plan by a qualified traffic control and safety services company.

To submit an application or for more information contact:

Traffic Engineering Branch
Transportation and Infrastructure          

Flag person Training and Requirements

The Workplace Safety and Health Regulation under The Workplace Safety and Health Act prescribes requirements for employers and flag persons, including training, equipment and responsibilities. Training must comply with the Manitoba Flag person Training Manual developed by Manitoba Infrastructure. A flag person certificate is valid for three years.

The Director of Workplace Safety and Health Branch of Manitoba Finance approves individuals and organizations that provide flag person training programs in Manitoba, which must follow prescribed flag person training requirements outlined in regulation.

Further information on approved flag person training providers is available at: