Honorary Consulates

Local Consular Corps of Winnipeg

The role of the Consular Corps is to represent the interests of their embassies/high commissions, and specifically to promote trade, investment, cultural and other relations in the regions.  They also provide passports and handle day-to-day issues or problems for their own nationals.  They often arrange visits of their ambassadors or high commissioners or prominent people from their countries.


Austria - National Day: October 26

Tel: 204-833-0100
Fax: 204-833-0103
Email: dstreuber@bisontransport.com


Mr. Donald (Don) W. Streuber
Honorary Consul

Belgium - National Day: July 21

Tel: 204-890-4099
Email: consubel.winnipeg@gmail.com


Mr. John Bockstael
Honorary Consul

Brazil - National Day: September 7

Tel: 204-998-4580
Email: consulado.honorario.winnipeg@gmail.com


Ms. Vanice Stein
Honorary Consul

Czech Republic - National Day: October 28

Tel: 204-233-7881
Email: vladimir@ehansch.com


Mr. Vladimir Hlas
Honorary Consul

Denmark - National Day: June 5

Tel: 204-489-1626
Fax: 204-489-4632
Email: norwegianconsulwinnipeg@gmail.com


Ms. Diana King
Honorary Consul

Finland - National Day: December 6

Tel: 204-470-6908
Email: o.hyytiainen@gmail.com


Mr. Olli Hyytiainen
Honorary Consul

France - National Day: July 14

Tel: 204-804-3357
Email: agenceconsulairewinnipeg@gmail.com


Frédéric Chieux
Honorary Consul

Germany - National Day: October 3

Tel: 204-944-9745
Email: winnipeg@hk-diplo.de


Ms. Jutta Essig
Honorary Consul

Guyana - National Day: February 23

Tel: 204-488-2628
Email: hcguyana@gmail.com


Dr. Sandra Sukhan
Honorary Consul

Hungary - National Day: August 20

Tel:  204-956-0490
Fax: 204-947-3747
Email: tfrohlinger@pkflawyers.com


Mr. Tom Frohlinger
Honorary Consul

Iceland - National Day: June 17

Tel: 204-284-1535
Fax: 204-284-1539
Email: thbg@mfa.is


Mr. Vilhjálmur Wiium
Consul General  (Winnipeg)

Tel: 204-641-1071
Email: tsaxelsson@gmail.com


Ms. Tammy Axelsson
Honorary Consul  (Gimli)

Italy - National Day: June 2

Tel: 204-488-8745
Fax: 204-487-3460
Email: stancarb@shaw.ca


Mr. Stanislao Carbone
Honorary Vice-Consul

Jamaica - National Day: August 6

Tel: 204-269-1411
Email: jamconsul.wpg@gmail.com


Dr. Lois Stewart-Archer
Honorary Consul

Japan - National Day: December 23

Tel: 204-944-8888
Fax: 204-956-2909
Email: kzaifman@zaifmanlaw.com


Mr. Ken Zaifman
Honorary Consul General

Korea, Republic - National Day: August 15

Tel: 204-292-3012
Fax: 204-774-1199
Email: brempel.koreaconsul@gmail.com


Mr. Barry Rempel
Honorary Consul General

Manitoba - Provincial Day: May 12

Tel: 204-945-3939
Fax: 204-945-1572
Email: brad.robertson@manitoba.ca


Mr. Brad Robertson
Chief of Protocol - Manitoba
Honorary Member

Mexico - National Day: September 16

Tel: 204-489-7794
Fax: 204-489-7794
Email: jdshape@gmail.com

Mr. James (Jim) E. Downey
Honorary Consul

Morocco - National Day: November 18

Tel: 204-479-6713
Email: philip@pmhconsultants.ca

Mr. Philip Houde
Honorary Consul

Netherlands - National Day: April 27

Tel:  204-802-0920
Email: winnipeg@nlhonoraryconsul.nl

Ms. Virginie De Visscher
Honorary Consul

Norway - National Day: May 17

Tel: 204 489-1626
Fax: 204-489-4632
Email: norwegianconsulwinnipeg@gmail.com

Ms. Diana King
Honorary Consul

Paraguay - National Day: May 14-15

Tel: 204-663-5748
Fax: 204-663-5747
Email: asupar@shaw.ca

Mr. Heinrich Wiebe
Honorary Consul

Peru - National Day: July 28

Tel: 204-318-6711
Email: jninalaya@gmail.com

Mr. Simon Ninalaya
Honorary Consul

Philippines - National Day: June 12

Tel: 204-414-9281
Fax: 204-414-9142
Email: ph.consular.wpg@gmail.com

Mr. Ronaldo Opina
Honorary Consul

Portugal - National Day: June 10

Tel: 204-943-8941
Fax: 204-943-1159
Email: cpw@mts.net

Mr. Paulo Cabral
Honorary Consul

Senegal - National Day: April 4

Tel: 204-232-6317
Email: idiallo84@gmail.com

Dr. Ibrahima Diallo
Honorary Consul

Spain - National Day: October 12

Tel: 204-896-4367
Email: chspain.manitoba@gmail.com

Mr. Joaquin Carneiro

Sri Lanka - National Day: February 4

Tel: 204-227-4531
Email: ismaths@shaw.ca

Mr. Mohamed Ismath
Honorary Consul

Sweden - National Day: June 6

Tel: 204-489-1626
Fax: 204-489-4632
Email: norwegianconsulwinnipeg@gmail.com

Ms. Diana King
Honorary Consul

Switzerland - National Day: August 1

Tel: 204-926-8896
Email: winnipeg@honrep.ch

Mr. Matt Erhard
Honorary Consul

Trinidad and Tobago - National Day: August 31

Tel: 204-255-6774
Email: kris.ramchandar@gmail.com

Mr. Krishna Ramchandar
Honorary Consul

United Kingdom - National Day: June 17

Tel: 204-791-6874
Email: Dwightmacaulay111@gmail.com

Mr. Dwight MacAulay
Honorary Consul

United States of America - National Day: July 4

Tel: 204-940-1800
Email: USConsulateWinnipeg@state.gov

Ms. Marilyn Gayton

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