Protocol Office

What is Protocol?

The word "protocol" comes from two Greek words meaning "first" and "glue" and originally referred to the first page glued to a legal document to summarize its contents. Today, "protocol" usually refers to an international code of politeness and diplomacy between nations.

In today's fiercely competitive international arena, proper protocol is simply a set of tools for effective and successful communication. The rules of international protocol are intended to maintain courtesy and politeness in international affairs; between governments, international organizations and their officials. Although there is increasingly more informality in recent diplomatic practice, the rules of protocol should be closely observed. For this reason, the Government of Canada as well as all provincial and territorial governments in Canada have their own protocol offices.

What does the Manitoba Protocol Office do?

Consulting/advisory service on matters of protocol:

Official Visits to Manitoba by:

  • Members of the Royal Family
  • The Governor General
  • Foreign heads of state and government (ministerial level or higher)
  • Diplomats accredited to Canada (ambassadors and high commissioners and their staff posted to Ottawa)
  • Members of the Consular Corps (consuls-general, consuls, etc.)

Winnipeg's Consular Corps

  • Acting as Manitoba's principal point of contact for the numerous countries that comprise Winnipeg's Consular Corps, including familiarizing diplomats with local/regional economic, social and cultural situations and policies of the province.

Secretariat to the Order of Manitoba

  • Serving as secretariat to the Order of Manitoba Advisory Council, providing support in all aspects of the selection process and all media and logistical coordination related to the investiture.

Ceremonies, such as:

  • Opening of the Legislature
  • Swearing in of Cabinet
  • Order of Manitoba
  • Order of the Buffalo Hunt
  • Installation of the Lieutenant Governor
  • Official Premiers' and Speakers' portrait unveilings
  • State funerals or commemorative events (e.g., half-masting of flags, books of condolence)
  • Special recognition events

Event / Mission Support

  • Providing event and conference secretariat support to the Premier's Office and Government Ministries;
  • Providing logistical support for international trade missions led by the Premier;
  • Local Consular Corps of Winnipeg.