Indigenous Agriculture and Relationship Development

Relationship Development and Engagement

The Relationship Development and Engagement program supports actions and activities related to engagement and enhancing relationships between industry, academia, and Indigenous Peoples, by:

  • Building relationships between sector participants, including industry, organizations, boards, watersheds, rural municipalities and other businesses and Indigenous communities and government
  • Enhancing partnerships and exploring collaborative sector opportunities related to land management
  • Building relationships between research institutions, academia and Indigenous communities and government to support the exploration of research projects or training initiatives
  • Increase community participation in early planning and development of food systems
  • Other engagement or relationship development efforts to increase sector inclusivity

Intake Information

The intake for this program is currently open; funding requests will be accepted from May 23, 2024, to July 4, 2024.

Application worksheets and supplementary documentation must be received by the date stated above to be considered for funding. Worksheets and supplementary documentation will not be accepted after the date stated above.

Eligible Applicants

  • Indigenous Groups (First Nation, Métis, and Inuit) including governments, individuals, businesses, communities, organizations, and other Indigenous-led groups undertaking agricultural initiatives
  • Municipal governments
  • Other Industry organizations
  • Processor organizations
  • Producer organizations
  • Research bodies, academia

NOTE: Applicants must demonstrate how the engagement project will tie into future initiatives and support advancing economic reconciliation. Non-Indigenous applicants are required to discuss the project with the associated Indigenous community and community members before they apply.

Eligible Expenses

The following expenses are eligible for reimbursement:

  • Facility and equipment rentals
  • Professional speaker and facilitator fees and travel accommodations
  • Elder and/or Knowledge Keeper fees and travel accommodations, up to $350 for a full day or $175 for a half day
  • Materials and supplies
  • Culturally appropriate food and refreshments that are sourced from an Indigenous business or community (where possible)
  • Culturally appropriate gifts, capped at 10% of total approved eligible expenses
  • Knowledge Transfer expenses related to the development, design and distribution of communication and extension materials
  • Provincial sales tax (PST)
  • Overhead expenses (e.g. internal administration, use of own materials and supplies, use of own equipment, etc.), capped at 10% of total approved eligible expenses

Project Timeline

Project activities must be completed, and all reports submitted on or before August 21, 2025.

Cost Share Funding

Activities are cost shared between government and the applicant; the cost share ratio is up to a maximum of 100:0 (government: applicant). There is a maximum funding limit of $5,000 per event up to a total of five (5) events. Projects which involve five (5) events can receive up to $25,000.

Additional Information and Documents

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