Be prepared

Storms such as tornadoes often strike too quickly to allow you to choose a shelter or to pack an emergency kit. Develop a plan that outlines where you will take shelter if a severe storm hits.

Pack a “72 hour” emergency kit

Your kit should include food, clothing, blankets, medication, bottled water and first-aid and tool kits, as well as flashlights and a battery-powered radio – with extra batteries for both. You should have enough supplies in your kit to last 72 hours. - Is your family prepared?

Reduce the hazards on your property

Trim rotting or dead branches and cut down dead trees on your property. You should also check the drainage around your house to reduce the possibility of basement flooding. 

Check your insurance coverage

Make sure that your insurance protection covers all the potential damages that may be caused by severe weather. Contact your insurance broker to make sure that you have the appropriate coverage.