Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development provides services in a variety of areas aimed at protecting, maintaining and improving our province's essential water resources, including the protection of human health and property. We achieve our goals by using best practices and the best available scientific knowledge, by applying the principles and policies of Agriculture and Resource Development, and through the practical and innovative management of risks.

We focus on:

  • encouraging the sustainable use of water resources
  • managing and protecting the quality and quantity of groundwater and surface water, including beach water quality
  • providing scientific services to support the sustainable use of surface and groundwater, to assure the protection of people, and to minimize damage to property from floods and droughts
  • managing and administering the Watershed Districts Program including providing services to watershed districts to assist in their water planning and water infrastructure work.
  • protecting the biological and ecosystem health of Manitoba's water systems
  • managing cross-border water issues that may have potential to affect the quality or quantity of waters that flow to Manitoba from upstream jurisdictions
  • developing and implementing programs aimed at restoring the health of Lake Winnipeg
  • developing watershed and aquifer management plans per The Water Protection Act and The Groundwater and Water Well Act
  • supporting implementation of GRowing Outcomes in Watersheds (GROW)

Our water stewardship and management strategies are a crucial part of ensuring a cleaner, greener environment and a more prosperous province, for our children and for future generations.

On this site, you will find fact sheets, studies, reports, acts and regulations, and other information on:

  • Groundwater
  • Surface Water including drought
  • Water Quality including beaches and Lake Winnipeg
  • Watershed Districts and integrated watershed planning

Water is not an unlimited resource and it needs our constant attention. We encourage you to browse this site to learn more about the Manitoba government's water programs and actions, and things you can do to protect this valuable resource.