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Residential Tenancies Branch

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What we do...

Are you a landlord or tenant? Do you know your rights and responsibilities as a landlord or tenant? Do you have a problem you need to solve? We may be able to help.

The Residential Tenancies Branch administers or is responsible for The Residential Tenancies Act, The Life Leases Act and The Condominium Act in Manitoba.

Our staff offer presentations on landlord and tenant issues, to community groups, social service agencies, schools and universities. If you'd like someone to come and speak to your group, just call us to arrange a time.

We also investigate, mediate and make decisions on disputes between landlords and tenants over:

  • security deposits
  • repairs
  • the terms and conditions of a tenancy agreement
  • notices to move, including notice for non-payment of rent and noise
  • privacy
  • payment of utility bills

We try to mediate all disagreements between tenants and landlords, except for complaints about rent increases. If necessary, the branch can make a decision and issue an order. The branch makes decisions on claims for compensation and applications for orders of possession. The fee for filing a claim for compensation is $30.00. The fee for filing an application for an order of possession is $60.00. 

Each year the Government sets a guideline of how much landlords can increase rent. Landlords can apply to us to increase their rent above the guideline. We review the application and any objections the tenants have to the rent increase. Then, we make a decision on what the rent should be. We also investigate cases where landlords increase rent without proper notice or without first applying for an increase.

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