CCPI Posted Opportunities and Awards

The table below indicates the procurements available to Manitoba (Manitoba 'Authorized Users'), and listed Manitoba public sector organizations (‘Optional Users’), under the Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative (CCPI).

Federal Solicitation # Title Description Optional Users Award Information Federal Contract #
E60ML-210001Volvo Penta Engines, Western CanadaSupply and delivery of Volvo Penta Engines, Western Canada.Listmultiple-see listE60ML-210001/004/ML-Cullen Diesel Power Ltd.
E60ML-210001Yamaha Outboard MotorsSupply and delivery of Yamaha Outboard Motors.Listmultiple-see listE60ML-210001/001/ML-Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd.
E60ML-210001Mercury Marine MotorsSupply and delivery Mercury Marine Motors.Listmultiple-see listE60ML-210001/002/ML-Mercury Marine Ltd.
E60HN-21SECHSecurity HardwareSupply and delivery of Security Hardware.Listmultiple-see listE60HN-21SECH/001/HN-IDN Canada E60HN-21SECH/002/HN-BG Distribution
E60HP-21TOOL/BHand ToolsSupply and Delivery of Hand Tools, Edged, Non Powered.Listmultiple-see list E60HP-21TOOL/001/HP Acklands-Grainger Inc. E60HP-21TOOL/010/HP Tenaquip Ltd. E60HP-21TOOL/011/HP Centuryvallen E60HP-21TOOL/012/HP Western Equipment Ltd. E60HP-21TOOL/009/HP Stellar Industrial Sales Ltd. E60HP-21TOOL/008/HP Source Atlantic Ltd. E60HP-21TOOL/007/HP Snap-On Tools of Canada Ltd. E60HP-21TOOL/006/HP Rideout Tool & Machine Inc. E60HP-21TOOL/005/HP Preston Hardware 1980 Ltd. E60HP-21TOOL/004/HP Mill Supply Ltd. E60HP-21TOOL/003/HP Levac Supply Ltd. E60HP-21TOOL/002/HP Fastenal Canada
E60HP-20PURTTires-PursuitSupply and Delivery of Pursuit Tires.Listmultiple-see listE60HP-20PURT/001/HP-Bridgestone Canada Inc. E60HP-20PURT/003/HP-Nokian Tyres Canada Inc. E60HP-20PURT/002/HP-Good Year Canada Inc.
E60HP-20COMTTires-CommercialSupply and delivery of Commercial Tires.Listmultiple-see listE60HP-20COMT/004/HP-Toyo Tire Canada Inc. E60HP-20COMT/005/HP-Nokian Tyres Canada Inc. E60HP-20COMT/002/HP-Good Year Canada Inc. E60HP-20COMT/006/HP-Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc. E60HP-20COMT/001/HP-Bridgestone Canada Inc. E60HP-20COMT/003/HP-Continental Tire Canada Inc.
E60HN-20FSRESafety and Rescue EquipmentSupply and Delivery Safety and Rescue Equipment.Listmultiple-see listE60HN-20FSRE/010/HN-Levitt-Safety Ltd. E60HN-20FSRE/013/HN-Tenquip Ltd. E60HN-20FSRE/014/HN-Centuryvallen E60HN-20FSRE/0001/HN-A F Pollution Abatement Systems Inc. E60HN-20FSRE/002/HN-Ajstone Company Ltd. E60HN-20FSRE/003/HN-Aero-Feu Ltd. E60HN-20FSRE/011/HN-MSC Industril Supply ULC E60HN-20FSRE/012/HN-Micmac Fire & Safety Source Ltd. E60HN-20FSRE/004/HN-HD Supply Construction and Industrial Brafasco E60HN-20FSRE/005/HN-Fastenal Canada E60HN-20FSRE/006/HN-Acklands-Grainger Inc. E60HN-20FSRE/009/HN-Levac Supply Ltd. E60HN-20FSRE/008/HN-Hazmasters Inc. E60HN-20FSRE/007/HN-Guillevin Intl Inc.
E60HS-20PACKPackaging MaterialsSupply and Delivery of Packaging Materials.List103118766PG0001 o/a Les Emballages GAB Induspac PackagingE60HS-20PACK/001/HS-103118766PG0001 o/a Les Emballages GAB Induspac Packaging
E60ML-2000012/EOutboard, Inboard Motors and Stern Drives Supply and Delivery of Mercury Outboard, Inboard and Stern Drives.Listmultiple-see listE60ML-200001/002/ML-Mercury Marine Ltd. E60ML-200001/005/ML-K-Sports Marine
M7594-191708LivescanSupply and Delivery of Livescan.Listmultiple-see listM7594-191708/001/ZL-Gemalto Canada Inc. M7594-191708/01Thales Dis Canada Inc.
E60PR-20DRYSDry suit and repair kitsSupply and Delivery of Dry suits and repair kits.Listmultiple-see listE60PR-20DRYS/001/PR-Mustange Survival ULC E60PR-20DRYS/002/PR-Aqua-Lung Canada Ltd.
E6TOR-20NM01Compostable Single Use Service WareSupply and Delivery Compostable Single Use Service Ware.ListGrand and ToyE6TOR-20-NM01-Grand and Toy Ltd.
E60HN-20CCTV/ACCTV-Closed Circuit Television EquipmentSupply and Delivery of Closed Circuit Television Equipment.Listmultiple-see list E60HN-20CCTV/024/HN-CMD-Convergint GP, Inc. E60HN-20CCTV/021/HN-Tyco Integrated Fire & Security Canada Inc. E60HN-20CCTV/018/HN-PSB Integration Inc. E60HN-20CCTV/019/HN-PV Services E60HN-20CCTV/009/HN-Delco Security E60HN-20CCTV/003/HN-ADSS E60HN-20CCTV/006/HN-Camcentral Systems Inc. E60HN-20CCTV/008/HN-Convergint Technologies E60HN-20CCTV/010/HN-K9Prime) Technologies Inc. E60HN-20CCTV/011/HN-Liberty Security Systems Inc. E60HN-20CCTV/015/HN-Next Technology Systems Inc. E60HN-20CCTV/016/HN-Paladin Security Systems Ltd. E60HN-20CCTV/012/HN-Magal-S3 Canada Inc. E60HN-20CCTV/013/HN-Marcomm Integrated Business Solutions E60HN-20CCTV/007/HN-Com-Net (Communication Cabling and Network Solutions) Inc. E60HN-20CCTV/001/HN-360 Advanced Security Corporation
ET959-201836/AMedical GasesSupply and delivery of medical gasesListMesser Canada Inc.ET959-201836/001/CAL-Messer Canada Inc.
21120-206763/ADetector Dog Vehicle InsertsSupply and delivery of detector dog vehicle inserts.ListD&R Electronics Co. Ltd21120-206763/001/HS-D&R Electronics Co. Ltd.
E60HL-20005OAInto-Plane Aviation FuelsSupply and delivery of Into-Plane Aviation FuelsListmultiple-see listE60HL-200050/001/HL-World Fuel Services Canada, ULC E60HL-200050/002/HL-Shell Canada Products
ET959-191066/ADiesel Generator SetsSupply and delivery of Diesel Generators.ListCummins Eastern CanadaET959-191066/001/CAL-Cummins Eastern Canada
M7594-193579/ARCMP NISO LED LightheadsSupply and delivery RCMP LED Lightheads Listmultiple-see listM7594-193579/001HN-Mega-Tech M7594-193579/002/HN-911 Pro Inc. M7594-193579/003/HN-WCI Whyte Communications Inc.
E60HS-19SNOWNMSO - SnowmobilesSupply and delivery of SnowmobilesListmultiple - see listE60HS-19SNOW/001/HS-Polaris Industries Ltd. E60HS-19SNOW/002/HS-K-Sports Marine E60HS-19SNOW/003/HS-Spectra Power Sports Ltd.
E60QD-171874/ARadio and Television Communications Equipment, Except Airborne (N5820)P25 Subscriber Units (portable and mobile radios)ListMotorola Solutions Canada Inc.E60QD-171874/001/QD-Motorola Solutions Canada Inc.
E60PD-19PAPROffice PaperSupply and Delivery of Office Paper ListStaplesE60PD-19PAPR/001/PD-Staples
E60HN-17SECHSecurity HardwareSupply and Delivery of Special Security Hardware (eg cylinder, push button locks, handles, combination locks, electronic locks etc.). Listmultiple-see listE60HN-17SECH/002/HN-BG Distribution E60HN-17SECH/001/HN-IDN Canada
E60PD-19OSFBOffice SuppliesSupply and delivery of Office SuppliesListmultiple - see listE60PD-190SFB/002/PD-Buroplus-Novexco-Lyreco Canada E60PD-190SFB/003/PD-Staples Advantage, A Division of Corporate Express Canada Inc. E60PD-19OSFB/014/PD-Totem Offisource Inc. E60PD-19OSFB/001/PD-Grand & Toy Ltd.
E60HN-18ICVS/AIn-Car Digital Video System (ICDVS)Supply of in-car digital video system (ICDVS) (Replace with E60HN-18ICVS/B) The In-Car Digital Video System (ICDVS) is to capture audio and video of activities inside and in front of police vehicles in which they are installed. The ICDVS footage is to provide evidence of interaction of members with stopped vehicles and occupants as well as with prisoners who occupy the back seat of the police vehicle. nonePanasonic Canada Inc.E60HN-181CVS/001/HN-Panasonic Canada Inc.
EW478-182011Plumbing & Heating SuppliesSupply and delivery of plumbing and heating suppliesListB.A. Robinson Co. Ltd. EW478-182011/001/STN-B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd.
E60PV-18DRUGRoadside Oral-fluid ScreeningSupply and delivery of Oral Fluid Screening devicesListDraeger Safety Canada Limited E60PV-18DRUG001PV-Draeger Safety Canada Limited