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How does Procurement and Supply Chain buy things?

Procurement and Supply Chain complies with the various Canadian Internal Trade Agreements and therefore will usually and whenever possible competitively tender our requirements on the MERX Electronic Tendering Service providing these requirements are over certain threshold values. The thresholds are over $2,500 for goods and over $100,000 for services.  Also see "How Government Buys".

Purchase of goods:

Generally those purchases whose composite value is under $2,500, and is not otherwise restricted, are purchased directly by the end user who will use either a standard SAP Purchase Order or will use our Corporate Procurement Card.  The purchase of goods over $2,500 are usually tendered on MERX by means of an RFQ (Request for Quotation).

Purchase of services:

Generally these expenditures whose composite value is under $100,000 may be obtained by the using department.
Purchases of services over $100,000 will generally be tendered on MERX by means of a RFQ (Request for Quotation) or RFP (Request for Proposal)
On occasion, RFQ or RFP documents may be mailed or faxed directly to potential vendors under specific circumstances.

How do I get on Government of Manitoba source lists for what I sell?

Procurement and Supply Chain does not use traditional "source lists" to send RFQ documents to potential vendors but instead tenders openly on MERX, an electronic tendering service.  
On occasion tenders may be sent directly to vendors and  it may be beneficial to contact  the departmental buyer or purchasing agent at the Procurement and Supply Chain to advise them of the service or goods you provide.

What does Procurement and Supply Chain purchase?

Procurement and Supply Chain is a central organization that purchases a wide variety of goods and services on behalf of client departments.
Refer to the "Buying and Selling" page on this site.

Which purchasing agent buys what product/service?

All goods and services are assigned to an individual Purchasing Agent at Procurement and Supply Chain, for additional information please contact Procurement and Supply Chain.

Where is Procurement and Supply Chain located?

Procurement and Supply Chain is located at:
6th Floor, 352 Donald Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2H8

Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What is MERX?

MERX is an electronic internet based system enabling potential bidders to view and download tender opportunities.
For additional information refer to the "Electronic Tendering" page on this site.

How do I get tender documents from MERX?

Tender opportunities are available through the MERX website (
For additional information refer to the "Electronic Tendering" page on this site.

Where do I return tenders obtained from MERX?

Bids, proposals or quotations are not to be returned to MERX.
All RFQ/RFP documents will have an address listed on the front page indicating where the document is to be returned and the closing date and time.
For additional information refer to the "Electronic Tendering" page on this site.

Did my faxed quote (or couriered quote) arrive OK?

If you are concerned whether your response arrived at Procurement and Supply Chain on time please contact the general inquiry phone number (204) 945-6361.

If I fax my quote, do I need to return the original RFQ/RFP?

If you are faxing the original RFQ/RFP then you do not need to return the original RFQ/RFP unless the document specifically requests an original hardcopy form.
Any attachments such as brochures, samples etc. will need to be mailed or delivered and should arrive before the closing time and date indicated on the RFQ/RFP.

How long does it take from tender closing date to award of the order?

This varies with each commodity and the overall complexity of the items or service required.
Awards are generally issued within 2 to 3 weeks from the date of the tender closing in the form of a Purchase Order or Outline Agreement.
This can be extended if additional evaluation or approvals are required.

Award Information

If the RFQ/RFP was issued on MERX the results of the RFQ/RFP will also be posted on MERX once the order/contract has been issued.  Bidders are requested to log onto the MERX web site to obtain award information.
If the RFQ/RFP was not posted on MERX but was in fact mailed directly to you from Procurement and Supply Chain you may fax our office with a request for award information. This information will be returned by fax once the order/contract has been issued.

Who do I contact regarding an outstanding invoice?

Each Purchase Order has an Invoice Address listed.
If you have not received payment in a reasonable time (currently approximately 30 days from invoice receipt), you should first contact the Invoice Address location to ensure the invoice was received and that there are no issues regarding the pricing or goods receipt.

How do I determine which departmental staff to contact to market or demo my products?

The list of potential end users may be extensive depending on the type of product or service you provide.
You may contact Procurement and Supply Chain for the appropriate Purchasing Agent.  
Government departments also have individuals or groups who also buy goods or services directly.  See Government Buyers for more information.
You may also refer to the "former opportunities" section on the MERX system to determine who has required this type of product or service in the past.
For additional information contact Procurement and Supply Chain.

How do I contact departmental staff who use the Direct Purchase Order & Procurement Card to purchase items?

Each department has been assigned an individual to manage purchasing activity in their department.  Refer to the "Procurement Card Coordinators List " page on this site.

How do I contact other corporate buyers in Manitoba Government for products or services that Procurement and Supply Chain does not purchase?


Does the Manitoba Government have a Green Procurement policy?

Yes, the policy mandates that the procurement of all goods, materials or services shall be consistent with Manitoba's principles and guidelines of Sustainable Development and other government procurement policies, legislative requirements and trade agreements.   Among other things this means that purchases be based on:
  • Careful consideration of the goods , products or services impact on the environment, economy and human health and well being, and
  • Preference being given to the purchase of environmentally preferable goods and materials whenever they perform satisfactorily and are available at a reasonable price.
Refer to the "Green Procurement" page on this site.