Mandate, Mission and Vision


To ensure that every purchase represents a fair and reasonable cost to the taxpayer for the required goods or services.
To ensure that all qualified and interested potential suppliers are extended the opportunity to compete for Provincial Government business.
To ensure that all purchasing transactions are processed in a timely and cost effective manner that best fulfils the requirements of the customer while satisfying any applicable legislation and/or management policy.
Contribute to the government's environmentally sensitive product initiatives, and encourage the use of environmentally preferred products.
Procurement and Supply Chain operates under the legislative requirements of The Government  Purchases Act chapter G90.

Mission Statement

To provide strong leadership in the procurement process through knowledge, teamwork and communication with the aim of enhancing efficiencies and cost savings for our clients as well as ensuring transparency and fairness of government business for the supplier community.

Vision Statement

To provide outstanding procurement related customer service to the broader public sector and its suppliers by demonstrating excellence, fairness and integrity in all aspects of our work.