Manitoba's Historic Places and Significant Heritage Resources

Manitoba has protected many of its most important Provincial Heritage Sites and commemorated significant people and events with plaques. Sites of local or regional importance have been protected as Municipal Heritage Sites. Manitoba has prepared and submitted detailed information on the heritage values and character-defining elements of provincial and municipal designated heritage sites to the Canadian Register of Historic Places. The Register is a federal/provincial/ territorial collaboration located online at Canada's Historic Places. Learn about how site owners can get financial help to support high-quality conservation work through Manitoba’s new Heritage Resources Fund.

Manitoba is home to the world-renowned Hudson’s Bay Company Archives. Records spanning the first 250 years of HBC’s history, 1670-1920, have been included in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Memory of the World Register of documentary heritage of exceptional value.

Learn more about intriguing Manitobans revealed in records held by the Archives of Manitoba through the Rearview Manitoba exhibit.