Manitoba Heritage Council Commemorative Plaques

Minnedosa Public Building

Minnedosa Public Building
(Courtesy of the Archives of Manitoba)
Installed 1988
Tillson Avenue and Main Street

The Minnedosa Public Building was built during 1913-14 by the Dominion Government to house the Post Office, Customs House and Inland Revenue offices. This handsome structure was designed under the supervision of Dominion Architect David Ewart. The Brown Construction Company of Winnipeg served as the general contractor. Striking design makes this building a landmark in Minnedosa. Federal government use of the building ended in 1970. Two years later it was reopened as the Civic Centre.

This was the first of four nearly identical multiple-purpose federal buildings in Manitoba. The others are located at Virden, Morden and Carman. Such structures became a distinctive Canadian building type. The construction of imposing buildings gave the Canadian Government a commanding symbolic presence throughout the West.