Ethnocultural Community Support Program

The Ethnocultural Community Support Program (ECSP) was established to further the principles of Manitoba's multiculturalism policy – pride, equality and partnerships.

The ECSP may fund community organizations to:

  • preserve, enhance, promote and share Manitoba's rich and diverse cultural heritage
  • encourage the development of partnerships between cultural communities to foster inter-cultural understanding, harmony and equality

Eligible organizations may each year apply for a one-time special project grant or an operational grant. Grants are in the form of the allocation of cash awards.

Grant amounts are based on availability of funds, the applicant's ability to use the funds effectively, the amount of community involvement of the applicant organization, and other sources of funding.

The program is open to Manitoba ethnocultural organizations or organizations that serve or partner with the ethnocultural community. The organization must:

  • be not-for-profit
  • be community-based
  • be incorporated under provincial or federal law
  • have membership that is open to the public

The ECSP will have a special focus on programs, activities or projects that contain one or more of the following components:

  • Anti-racism (e.g., reducing racial stereotypes and discrimination)
  • Multiculturalism values (e.g., addressing the rights and responsibilities of multiculturalism)
  • Inter-faith inclusion (e.g., increasing respect and understanding for other faiths)
  • Youth (e.g., youth-led and/or youth engagement)

Application Deadlines: April 30 and October 31

Organizations applying for the first time and have not received funding in the past 2 years are required to contact the Multiculturalism Secretariat.

Organizations are encouraged to discuss their program and project ideas with the Multiculturalism Secretariat at least one month before application deadline.

Organizations involved in joint projects are encouraged to submit one application.

How to Apply for ESCP Funding:

STEP 1) Review the Application Guide (PDF)

  • Review the application guide prior to completing the application form in Step 2.

STEP 2) Complete the Application Form (PDF)

  • Download the fillable pdf application form and save it on your desktop. Using Adobe Acrobat (a free downloadable application), fill in and save the required information in all fields. Check that all information has been provided prior to printing the form and having it signed. Please ensure that all information requested is provided using the checklist on the first page. Incomplete applications will result in a decision to decline funding.

STEP 3) Submit the completed Application Form and attach required supporting documents

You may choose to submit your documents by a) email or by b) regular mail:

  • a) Print the signature page of the application form, sign and scan it, then submit with the completed application form and required supporting documents by email to:
  • b) Print the completed application package, sign the signature page of the form, then send the entire application form along with the required documents by regular mail to:

  • Multiculturalism Secretariat
    6th Floor - 213 Notre Dame Avenue
    Winnipeg MB R3B 1N3

Evaluation Tools:

  • Complete the Evaluation Report (PDF)
    • Organizations receiving ECSP funding must submit a completed evaluation report at the end of the fiscal year, or upon completion of the funded programs, projects or activities. Download the fillable pdf and save it on your desktop. Using Adobe Acrobat (a free downloadable application), fill in and save the required information in all fields. Check that all information has been provided and saved before you print the form and have it signed.
  • Participant Survey (PDF)
    • Print this survey form and distribute it to participants at events for which your organization has received funding. After completion, please submit this survey either to the event organizers.  Participants may choose to submit their completed form by mail to the Multiculturalism Secretariat at 6th floor-213 Notre Dame Ave., Winnipeg MB, R3B 1N3, or fill it out and email it to us at