Pandemic Response System


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Provincial Response Level: CAUTION

COVID-19 is still a threat across Manitoba, however transmission levels are low. The Chief Provincial Public Health Officer has set the response level to yellow.

The following additional restrictions are in force province wide:


Travel to Northern Manitoba: RESTRICTED

With increased case numbers in southern Manitoba, Public Health has implemented travel restrictions to northern Manitoba and remote communities, effective Friday, September 4th.

Additional information on travel restrictions to northern Manitoba and remote communities.

COVID-19 Cases in Northern

Map of COVID-19 Cases and Risks for All of Manitoba

Additional Restrictions

  • With the increased number of cases in southern Manitoba, public health is re-implementing travel restrictions to Northern Manitoba and remote communities, effective Friday, Sept. 4, 2020.
  • The public health order includes exemptions for the following people, if they have no symptoms of COVID-19:
    • people who live in or a person permanently moving to Northern Manitoba or a remote community;
    • people who work for the federal or provincial governments, a Crown corporation, other government agencies or a child and family services agency;
    • health providers travelling to provide health care services or people travelling for emergency medical purposes;
    • educational professionals, including teachers or professors,  and students travelling to work at/attend schools or post-secondary institutions;
    • people who own, operate or work for a business and are travelling to deliver goods, provide services or operate the business;
    • travel for trials/judicial proceedings; and
    • travel for parenting arrangements.
  • In addition, people can travel to and from to a cottage, cabin, provincial park, campground or hunting/fishing lodge in Northern Manitoba if they have no symptoms of COVID-19. They must limit the use of local services while travelling to and staying at their final destination. They must travel there as directly as possible based on the means of transportation used. This means that if they plan to drive there, they must drive directly there. However, for more remote locations, they may drive or fly to a northern city to be transported to their final destination.
  • People can also travel to Churchill and the surrounding area if they have no symptoms of COVID-19 and limit the use of local services while they are travelling there. They must travel there as directly as possible. This means they may fly directly to Churchill, or drive or fly to another northern city and then be transported to Churchill by train.
  • Visitors to Manitoba who must self-isolate for 14 days must not travel to Northern Manitoba or a remote community until they are done self-isolating in southern Manitoba.
  • People travelling to Northern Manitoba on a public vehicle (such as a bus, train or plane) must wear a mask that covers their mouth, nose and chin. For a list of exceptions, view the orders.
  • In addition to the orders, all travellers are asked to respect any restrictions that First Nation communities have in place, as these communities are working with the advice of public health officials to ensure the health and safety of their residents.
  • For detailed information, view the orders.

Possible public exposure to COVID-19

No possible public exposures to report.