Pandemic Response System


Green: Limited Risk

  • The spread of COVID-19 is broadly contained in Manitoba.
  • Transmission of the virus is at very low to undetectable levels.
  • A vaccine and effective treatment are available.
  • There may be single or isolated small cluster outbreaks which are quickly contained.
  • Community transmission is low to undetectable.
  • There is sufficient health system capacity.
  • Range of Response Measures
  • Normal enhanced hygiene recommended.
  • No additional extraordinary public health measures required.

Detailed Description of Levels

  • At all levels, all Manitobans should follow these public health fundamentals.
  • Always stay at home when you’re sick, even if mildly ill.
  • Enhanced personal hygiene, including:
    • regular and thorough handwashing;
    • covering your nose and mouth with tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing;
    • avoid sharing food or drinks; and,
    • avoid touching your face.

People at higher risk of complications due to COVID-19 to take extra precautions and avoid closed spaces, crowded places and close contact settings.

Manitobans should wear masks in indoor settings where social distancing is not possible.

People with COVID-19 symptoms may contact Health Links - Info Santé for testing directions or go directly to a designated site to get tested.


For a detailed description of the four levels and what they mean to you, read Manitoba’s COVID-19 Response Level System Summary (pdf).

Pandemic Response System