Manitoba Government Code of Conduct

Part A: Manitoba Government Code of Conduct


Adherence to the Code is a requirement for all core public service employees.

The core public service consists of the Clerk of the Executive Council, other deputy ministers, and employees in positions within the departments of the government including regular, term, departmental, contract and casual employees. Students, volunteers and those on a practicum placement are also required to follow the Code.

It should be noted that staff in the broader and allied public service are also expected to follow the values of The Public Service Act, and should refer to the code of conduct in their own organization for more information.


*Note regarding Political Staff of the Allied Public Service

The values of the core public service also apply to political staff, who are also government employees. However, political staff have a fundamentally different role from core employees. They share the governing party's political commitment, and contribute a particular expertise or point of view that core employees cannot provide due to their non-partisan role. Although the values of the core public service guide the expected behaviours of all Manitoba government employees, there are some differences regarding the expected behaviours for political staff and other government employees due to their distinctive roles.

Annex A – Code of Conduct for Political Staff outlines the values of the public service and expected behaviours for political staff. However, to ensure political staff are supporting and maintaining a non-partisan public service, they must also make themselves aware of the ethical standards, expectations, and obligations for all employees outlined in the Manitoba Government Code of Conduct, The Public Service Act, the Public Service Regulation, and the Oath or Affirmation of Office Regulation. This also includes any other policies, codes and or mandates that affect the departments that they support.


Non-political core government employees faithfully serve the people of Manitoba through their duly elected government by providing the same support, regardless of which political party is in office. Their work includes developing and implementing policies and programs, and delivering services to the public.

The Code is not intended to replace, but rather complement, existing legislation, policies and guidelines. Employees are expected to follow all other government directives, including any policies, codes or mandates that affect the unique responsibilities of their position, and specific department and/or branch.