Welcome to the web site of the Procurement Services Branch (PSB). Learn more about the role of PSB in government and how goods and services are acquired by government departments.

Procurement Services at Work

Our Strategic Direction identifies the mandate, mission statement and vision statement of the Department. The Manitoba Government's Procurement Services provides a vital link between vendors and the Manitoba Governments purchasers of goods and services.
If you require additional information or clarification please contact us at:
Manitoba Central Services
Procurement and Supply Chain Division
6th Floor, 352 Donald Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2H8
Phone:  204-945-6361
Fax:      204-945-1455

Who We Are 

Procurement Services Branch provides centralized procurement related services to provincial government departments and agencies. As one of the largest purchasing agencies within the Manitoba Government, it facilitates the acquisition of an extensive and wide range of products and services valued in excess of $100 million annually. The Branch's main objective is to provide its clients with quality goods and services in the most economical manner, while ensuring that suppliers have fair and equitable access to related business opportunities. The program contributes to the achievement of optimum cost-effectiveness and service performance through such strategies as consolidation and bulk procurement of government requirements.