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2012 – 2013 Action Plan: Law Society of Manitoba (LSM)


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In response to the Fairness Commissioner’s Recommendations, the Law Society of Manitoba proposed the following action plan as of March 2013. 


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1. With regard to the assessment and registration information, that LSM provide clear, complete and accurate information about: 1. The LSM will revise its registration information to provide the following:  
a. Realistic time and cost range for the registration process, including realistic cost and time range information for the first step, the NCA certification process; a) realistic time and cost estimates for the registration process, inclusive of the NCA certification process;  
b. Financial support opportunities, academic upgrading opportunities and an applicant’s access to records; b) information about financial support opportunities, specifically provincial programs, as well as possible academic upgrading opportunities and how applicants can access their records with the Law Society; and  
c. An easy-to-navigate, step-by-step web page dedicated for internationally educated applicants. c) a web page that provides a step-by-step guide for internationally educated applicants.  
d. The importance and need of a high level of English language proficiency. d) information about the importance and practical need for a high level of English language proficiency.  
2. That LSM review the challenges IELs face receiving NCA certification for the purposes of identifying the problems and to consider solutions. The LSM will seek the cooperation of the NCA in reviewing any specific challenges that IELS encounter in obtaining NCA certification with a view to assessing whether those challenges create unnecessary obstacles to NCA certification and, if so, how those might be changed.


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