Fair Registration Practices Office

For Internationally Educated Immigrants

Some professions are regulated in Manitoba. To practice a regulated profession, you must apply for registration with the appropriate regulatory body or regulator. A regulator is a government-approved organization that governs a profession. Regulators are responsible for ensuring their members are qualified to provide safe and competent practice to the public. They assess applicant qualifications and grant eligible individuals the legal authority to practice their profession in Manitoba.

The Fair Registration Practices Office works only with regulated professions (regulators) specified in The Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Act. The office works collaboratively with regulators to help make sure internationally educated immigrants are treated and assessed fairly.

The office is not a regulator. Staff cannot assess qualifications or help individuals go through the registration process. It also cannot advocate, investigate, direct or influence a regulator to change or to reconsider a decision.

Individuals with fairness concerns are welcome to meet with the office to share their experience. The office may be able to offer useful information and practical advice.

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