Fair Registration Practices Office

For Internationally Educated Immigrants

The Fair Registration Practices Office (FRPO) works with 31 regulatory bodies (also referred to as professions) under the Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Act. Click here, for a list. These professions have been given authority through legislation (law) to self-regulate. It is their job to determine who can practice the profession and to discipline members. They are responsible for ensuring their members provide safe and competent service to the public.

If you want to work in a self-regulated profession and use the title of the profession (e.g. doctor), you must be registered with (licensed by) the regulatory body responsible for your profession. This involves successful completion of an application and assessment process with your regulatory body.

FRPO’s job is to help make sure applicants with foreign qualifications are treated and assessed fairly by these professions. The office is not a regulatory body. Staff cannot assess qualifications or help people go through a registration process. It also cannot advocate, investigate, direct or influence a regulator to change or to reconsider a decision.

Individuals with fairness concerns are welcome to meet with staff from FRPO. The office may be able to offer useful information and practical advice. Learning about applicants’ fairness issues helps the office do its job better.


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