Fair Registration Practices Office

Resources for Internationally Educated Immigrants

Understanding Fairness in Regulated Professions: a resource of internationally educated professionals 
This resource will help you understand what regulators should be doing to ensure you are treated fairly and what you can do if you feel you are not being treated fairly. 

Foreign Qualification Recognition – Infographic
A general overview of the process of foreign qualification recognition in Manitoba.

A look at Manitoba’s Self-Regulated Professions – Infographic  
An overview of Manitoba’s 31 self-regulated professions.

Question & Answer Guide to Regulated Professions and Trades
The qualification recognition process leading to professional registration can be very complex. It requires a commitment of time, effort, and money. Being well informed will help you to plan your career path in Manitoba. This guide will help you gain a better understanding of qualification recognition in Manitoba. To locate, open link and scroll down page.

Work in Your Profession – 19 Fact Sheets
Each profession-specific fact sheet directs you to information, tools, and resources to help better understand the professional registration process in Manitoba. To locate, open link and scroll down page.

A look at the Costs of becoming Licensed in Manitoba – Infographic
Learn about the costs of licensing and financial supports available for internationally educated professionals.

Financial Resources for Skilled Immigrants
More information about financial support programs in Manitoba for internationally educated professionals and tradespeople.

A look at Language Proficiency Requirements in the Professions – Infographic
Learn about language requirements in Manitoba’s self-regulated professions.

Recognizing Foreign Qualifications: what the numbers tell us – Infographic 
Registration data on internationally educated applicants to Manitoba’s self-regulated professions from 2011-2021.

Academic Credential Assessments
Learn about academic credential assessments for work, study, professional registration, and immigration.

Manitoba Regulated Professions – Contact List
Contact information and direct links to Manitoba regulators’ web pages for internationally educated professions.

Manitoba START
The first step for new immigrants in Manitoba. This government-funded agency provides personalized information and referrals to immigrant services that will help you adjust to life, improve your English and find a job.

Winnipeg English Language Assessment and Referral Centre (WELARC)
WELARC provides free* language assessment using the Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Test (CLBPT) and referral to English classes for immigrants to Manitoba. (*Must meet eligibility requirements.)


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