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2012 – 2013 Action Plan: Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA)


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In response to the self-identified Compliance Issues, the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association proposed the following action plan as of March 2013. 


 Compliance Issues  Action Plan  Complete
Applications are provided clear, complete and accurate information about assessment and registration:

• Qualification requirements
• Documentation requirements
• Range of full costs (for third party assessor)
• Timelines and key dates including realistic sense of timelines involved
• Realistic time range for entire process

* Currently the MVMA website does not consolidate the governing provisions required for new members including foreign trained veterinarian, instead they are dispersed throughout. We also have not included on this page a direct link to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association – National Examining Board – our third party assessor.
Create a consolidated page dedicated to potential members including foreign trained veterinarians. This page will include a link to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) our third party assessor. They have a comprehensive document covering all aspects of qualifying as a veterinarian, including requirements to be met, to the exams, and what one can expect regarding the exam process. We will expand this section of the MVMA website to include the link so potential members can see not only the MVMA requirements but the CVMA requirements as well.  
Applications are provided clear, complete and accurate information about assessment and registration:

• Financial support opportunities

* We do not have any links to provincial or federal financial support programs on the MVMA website.
The MVMA will create a brief descriptive paragraph explaining the availability of financial support programs and provide links to provincial and federal programs that we are aware of.  
• Step by step path

* Currently our information page does not provide a step by step description of the entire process that foreign trained veterinarians will experience as they go through the CVMA as well as the MVMA requirements.
The MVMA will create a written based description of the process and will explore the possibility of creating a flow chart to encompass the process in a simple and clear manner. The MVMA will have to work with the CVMA to comprise this document to ensure all steps are reflected.  
Applications are provided clear, complete and accurate information about assessment and registration:

• Information on upgrading programs for the occupation

* We do not currently provide links to available upgrading programs offered by other provinces.
Link to theses federal and provincial programs need to explore what is available.

The MVMA will provide a link on our information page advising potential members about any available upgrading programs.
• Documentation requirements are reasonable. Alternative documentation opportunities are available and explained to applicants.

Criminal records policy is warranted and clearly explained.

* The MVMA for the 2013 year do not require any declaration of a Criminal records policy.
The MVMA has recognized the need for a declaration from all potential members on findings of guilt related to Criminal Code of Canada, Narcotics Controlled Act, the Food and Drugs Act and other similar legislation in any jurisdiction, and will be exploring the feasibility of requesting this information in the next two years.  


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