InSight Mentoring Program

What is InSight?

InSight is an outreach program where mentors provide intensive support to women who are pregnant or have recently had a baby and use substances. This is a voluntary program for women who aren't well connected to community support services.


How does InSight work?

InSight focuses on personalized, caring support over a long period of time to help make gradual, enduring changes.

Each woman is assigned a mentor who works intensively on a one-to-one basis with her and her family for up to three years. Mentors help women build and maintain healthier lifestyles in a supportive, non judgmental way using trauma-informed and harm-reduction practices. Mentors are responsive to women's needs and build on their strengths.

Mentors help women:

  • identify personal goals;
  • choose a family planning method;
  • access alcohol/drug treatment;
  • get prenatal care and health care for themselves and their children;
  • connect with community services;
  • get transportation to appointments;
  • address housing, domestic violence and child custody problems; and
  • overcome barriers to service.

Mentors believe that change is always possible and never give up on the women they support. Women are not asked to leave the program if they relapse or experience setbacks.

Mentors are able to support both the woman and child regardless of who has custody.


How InSight has helped

My mentor was always there for me when I needed her.

I liked the goal setting because it helped me to look back and see how I had been successful, step by step.

I learned to talk for myself with other agencies.

My mentor said things like . .. 'if you can't do it now, you can work on it and it will come.

InSight Brochures and Articles

InSight-Mentor.Empower.Support - Service Provider Brochure (PDF)

InSight-Mentor.Empower.Support - Client Brochure (PDF)