Requirements for the Review of Fee Increases

Section 14 entitled 'No change in fees' of the Cemeteries, Crematories and Perpetual Care Funds Regulation states:

"No owner of a cemetery, columbarium, or mausoleum shall alter or vary any fee or charge charged for the sale of a lot, plot, compartment, or other space therein, or for any other service rendered or object sold by him or her, without obtaining approval therefore from the board."

When applying for approval for fee increases, the Funeral Board of Manitoba requests that the following be included in your package:

  1. Complete list of ALL proposed fees.
  2. Include which fees are NEW, and which fees are REVISED:
    1. For any REVISED fee, show the current fee, suggested fee, last increase date, and percentage (%) of the increase.
    2. For any NEW fee, add an explanation and description of the new item, whether it will be sold for pre-need or at-need services.
  3. Include an explanation or reasoning for any increase in fees above 10%.

Application for new or revised fee(s)