Health Claims Contact Information

Practitioner Registry/User Site Maintenance
204-788-2567 or 204-786-7225

Practitioner Registry staff at Manitoba Health (“Manitoba Health”) provide assistance and information in relation to the following:
  • Registration of new physicians with Manitoba Health
  • Issuance of billing numbers for claims submission to Manitoba Health
  • Payment cycles and claim form information
  • Locum tenens registration with Manitoba Health
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT) maintenance, including the processing of changes to banking information
  • Letter of Agreement (LOA) required for electronic claim submission
  • Set up, testing, maintenance and closure of Electronic User Sites
  • Notification of medical billing software Vendor or Service Bureau Changes
  • To obtain a listing of software Vendors and Service Bureaus who currently have sites submitting claims to Manitoba Health
  • Issuance and maintenance of SecurID token (FOB) for access to EPiCS and iREG
  • Notification of address changes
  • Registration of laboratory and x-ray facilities

Claims Unit – Claims Enquiry

Claims Unit staff provide assistance and information to providers and billing staff on:
  • Remittance Advice statements
  • Explanation of Benefit (EOB) codes
  • Benefit codes (tariffs) in the Physician’s Manual
  • Diagnostic Codes (ICD-9-CM)
  • Claims data requirements
  • Pended, reduced or rejected claims
  • Applications for prior approval of elective/plastic reconstructive surgery
For additional information, please see our Claims Processing System webpage at

Registration/Client Services
204-786-7101 or 1-800-392-1207

Registration/Client Services staff at Manitoba Health should be contacted for information and assistance with the following:
  • New residents applying for coverage under the Provincial Health Plan
  • Requests for new Health Cards
  • Reporting of births and deaths
  • Reporting of changes or correction to patient address, marital status, etc.
  • Personal Health Identification Number (PHIN)
  • The PHIN is a mandatory field on all claims.  If the PHIN is not correctly entered on the claim when it is submitted to Manitoba Health, it will be automatically rejected.
  • iREG and eChart are two applications that are available to practitioners in Manitoba.  Both applications offer different benefits that may have value for your practice.
  • Physicians who would like to have more information about eChart should contact Manitoba e-Health at
  • For more information about iREG, see the iREG release package on the WebLink applications main page or call Practitioner Registry at 204-788-2567.
  • For practitioner offices that do not have eChart or iREG access, a 529 form can be submitted to Manitoba Health by fax or request patient information, including PHIN.  Please contact Registration/Client Services staff at 204-786-7101 or 1-800-392-1207 for further information.
Additional information regarding PHIN can be found on the Claims Processing System webpage at

Help Desk
(Information Systems Branch)

Help Desk staff may be contacted for assistance with the following:
  • Uploading claims submission files to Manitoba Health
  • Password resets (mainframe as well as iREG)
  • Trouble-shooting for connection issues with EPiCS or WebLink

Patient Enquiry

Patient enquiry staff may be contacted for assistance with the following:
  • Patients or practitioners requiring information on eye exams, chiropractic or insured services.

Audit and Investigation
204-786-7118 or 1-866-778-7730

Confidential fraud line

Out-of-Province Unit
204-786-7303 or 1-800-392-1207 ext 7303

Out-of-Province staff may be contacted for assistance with the following:
  • Out of country medical and hospital claims
  • Out of province referrals
  • Transportation Subsidy Program – for approved out of province referrals

Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability staff may be contacted for assistance with the following:
  • Recovery of health services when a Manitoba resident is injured and initiates a legal or insurance claim against a third party

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June 2015