Important Information for Vendors and Service Bureaus

Please be advised that all vendors are required to test new software with Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living (MHSAL) prior to implementation.  In addition, each new user site or site that is changing billing software is required to successfully pass the testing process with MHSAL prior to submitting claims for processing.

New vendors are requested to contact Practitioner Registry at 204-786-7225 in advance to inform of your intention to develop medical billing software for Manitoba practitioners.

All files in Acrobat PDF PDF format unless specified otherwise.

The Electronic Claims Program Information Manual (ECPIM) provided below for your reference was created to assist practitioners in setting up or changing their medical billing software.  Practitioners and/or billing staff should be directed to Practitioner Registry at 204-786-7225 to request a copy of the ECPIM along with forms and instructions.