Annual Reports

Annual Influenza Report

Surveillance data is used to identify and monitor the arrival of influenza, its geographic spread, intensity of activity, characteristics of those infected, as well as severity and changing trends in order to guide prevention and control recommendations.

This report is produced annually, at the end of each influenza season, and presents an overview of the influenza season in question. The influenza season generally runs from October to May of each year.

Annual Report of Immunization Surveillance

Immunization is one of the most effective and cost-efficient health interventions of modern times. Manitoba Health (Health) protects children and adults in Manitoba from infection of many diseases by recommending and providing routine immunizations. The provincial immunization registry from 1988 plays a key role in ensuring that residents in Manitoba receive all recommended immunizations. The aim of the Annual Report is to provide an overall picture of immunizations in the province. This information is used to inform priority setting, policy development, program planning and evaluation.

Manitoba Annual Summary of Communicable Diseases

This report utilizes surveillance data to provide an annual summary of laboratory-confirmed, communicable diseases, in Manitoba. It focuses specifically on infectious diseases listed as "reportable" under The Public Health Act with the exception of Influenza, tuberculosis, and the sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections.

Statistical Update on HIV/AIDS

This report is intended to provide HIV and AIDS surveillance information in Manitoba for new cases reported to the Public Health Surveillance Unit within Manitoba Health from 1985 up to the date of the report. The HIV data presented here includes an examination by:  age and sex distribution, geographic region, ethnicity, and risk exposure category (primary mode of transmission).

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