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epiSUMMARY - Epidemiology and Surveillance


The Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit of Manitoba Health (Health) conducts routine surveillance of reportable diseases and conditions under the authority of The Public Health Act and Reporting of Diseases and Conditions Regulations. Under the legislation, laboratories and health professionals make reports respecting a reportable disease to the Health Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit.

Following the provincial protocols, health care professionals, regional public health offices and federal agencies operating in Manitoba are required to return completed investigation forms for cases and contacts (protocol-specific), also to Health’s Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit. epiSUMMARY presents monthly summary statistics of cases reported in Manitoba with a 6-month delay for information purposes.

Technical Notes and Limitations:

The primary data source for this report is the Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS); secondary data for historical comparisons are non-standardized public health surveillance databases. Provincial databases are continually updated as new case and contact information is received from public health units, and data cleaning and verification occur.

You may note slight variation between reports for reasons including but not limited to:

  • New data is continuously added and refined for current and historical cases.
  • The process of reporting and confirming a case can take months; although epiSUMMARY applies a six-month delay in reporting, the reported data may include unconfirmed cases.
  • epiSUMMARY is continuously under development and review. If aspects of the report are altered, such as case definitions, then there will be a slight variation in output. Significant changes will be noted.

Please interpret this report with caution.

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