Local Government Development

The Local Government Development Division supports and assists with the provision of municipal services and infrastructure in 50 designated communities in the unorganized territory of northern Manitoba as defined by The Northern Affairs Act.

The Division is committed to advancing independent, sustainable local government through a process of partnership and consultation. This commitment is guided by three objectives:

  • to support the development of responsible local government through elected community councils and the effective and efficient delivery of municipal services
  • to promote safe and healthy communities with a focus on safe drinking water, protection of the environment, recreation and wellness programs that meet local needs, public safety and strategic economic development in support of sustainable communities and a stronger economy in northern Manitoba
  • to support and facilitate development initiatives that are community-driven, sustainable and collaborative, in partnership with community councils and other provincial departments, jurisdictions and organizations

The Local Government Development Division provides this support to communities in a number of program areas, including:

  • municipal administration
  • public works
  • recreation and wellness
  • environmental services
  • protective services
  • community development
  • land-use planning
  • community planning
  • community economic development
  • housing and infrastructure development