The Police Services Act Regulations require that Safety Officer Programs be owned and managed by the Municipality. Community Safety Officers are hired by and are employees of the Municipality.

Application and Forms

Guiding Documents - Application Information - Forms may be obtained by contacting;

Manitoba Justice – Policing Services and Public Safety Division
1801 – 155 Carlton Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3H8
email: psps@gov.mb.ca

The following guiding documents are available upon request;

  1. Community Safety Officer Program Policy Manual - Draft
  2. Business Case for Program Application Form
  3. Community Safety Wellness Plan – example
  4. Operating Agreement – template
  5. Training Registration application
  6. Criminal Background requirements and process
  7. Annual Reporting Form
  8. Application process for MPI Drivers Vehicle Licencing Registration data access
  9. Application for Public Safety Communications System radio communication access
  10. Intelligence & Spotcheck submission process