Safety Officer Program

The Provincial Police Act Review (2020) recommended creation of a layered policing model to support community safety. The Safety Officer Program (SOP) allows communities to take ownership of their own safety plans by providing resources to address less serious criminal issues stemming from social issues such as homelessness, addiction and mental health. Additionally, the SOP provides support to police agencies to unburden them from social issue management allowing them to focus on serious criminal matters.

Safety Officers work collaboratively with local policing authorities to enhance public safety by maintaining a visible presence within the community, facilitating the response the local policing authority to situations that require police involvement, providing information and assistance to local policing authorities on ongoing or emerging public safety issues, providing assistance with in criminal and non-criminal matters such as crime and accident scene management, transporting detained persons, taking witness statements, receiving reports from the public, and helping persons access victim support services.

Important dates:

The next scheduled training courses:

(please note that due to logistical reasons and unforeseen circumstances, training dates may be subject to change)

Level 1 – Class #22 November 20 – December 15 Brandon ACC
Level 1 – Class #23 January 22 to February 16 Held for Winnipeg Transit CSO
Level 1 – Class 24 February 26 - March 22 Brandon ACC
Level 2 - Class 25 April 8 to April 19 Brandon ACC
Level 1 – Class 26 September 16 to October 11 Brandon ACC
Level 1 – Class 27 October 21 to November 15 Brandon ACC
Level 2 – Class 28 December 2 to December 13 Brandon ACC