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ITS 21-039 - Flame Safeguard Relays and Remote Resets
ITS 21-038 - Trades Examinations Certifications and Licensing Eligibility
ITS 21-037 - Recognized Certification Inspection Bodies for Electrical Equipment
ITS 21-036 - Electrician Licences
ITS 21-035 - Changes to 4th Class Power Engineer Exam Syllabus
ITS 21-034 - Amendments to the Power Engineering Regulation
ITS 21-033 - SaskPower Gas Inspections Grain Dryer
ITS 21-032 - Recognized Certification and Inspection Bodies for Gas Fired Appliances

ITS 21-030 - Gas and Oil Review and Appeal Process ITS 21-028 - Adoption of 2015 Oil Code
ITS 21-027 - Gas and Oil Equipment Field Approval Program
ITS 21-026 - Semi-rigid Tubing on Roof tops
ITS 21-025 - Regulator Stations on RoofTops ITS 21-022 - Procedure for Propane Installations
ITS 21-021 - Piping to Commercial Cooking Equipment

ITS 21-020 - Piped Connections to Manufactured Homes
ITS 21-019 - Metal Liners in Masonry Chimneys
ITS 21-018 - Job Fabricated Support(s) for NonResidential Appliances
ITS 21-017 - Installation of Buried Piping or Tubing
ITS 21-016 - WITHDRAWN Inspection of Heat Exchanger Failures
ITS 21-015 - Initial Start-Up Procedure for Input Exceeding 400000 BTU
ITS 21-014 - Flexible Connectors
ITS 21-013 - Copper and Corrugated Stainless Tubing for Residential Use
ITS 21-012 - Connecting Supply Piping to Utility Gas Meter
ITS 21-011 - Clarification of Appliance Vent Termination

ITS 21-010 - Appliance Protection ITS 21-008 - Roof Top Piping On A Sloped Roof
ITS 21-007 - Mobile Food Truck Inspections
ITS 21-006 - Construction Heaters
ITS 21-005 - Applying for Gas and Oil Permits
ITS 21-003 - Race Karts in Private Facilities
ITS 21-002 - Elevator Safety

ITS 20-008 - Pressure Welder Testing and Licensing Process
ITS 20-005 - Residential Stand-Alone Water Heater Metal Venting
ITS 20-003 - Electronic Submissions Guideline
ITS 20-001 - Request for Extension of Certificate



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ITS GO Form 15 - User Access Security Application Form