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Bag it Forward. See Members' statements

Bahsir, Dursameen and Raghees. See Members' statements

Bail supervision program

Swan, 68

Bailey, Ann. See Members' statements

Baker, Kennedy. See Members' statements

Barbara Mitchell Resource Centre. See Members' statements

Bargaining units. See Collective bargaining; Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act

Barker, Lt. Col. William. See Members' statements under Dauphin's bronze statue series

Barr, Master Corporal. See Ministerial statements

Barter-Cook, Margje. See Members' statements

Baseball Manitoba awards. See Ministerial statements under Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame 2017

Basic income pilot project

Goertzen, 1757

Lamoureux, 1757

Basic personal tax credit

Exemption increase

Bindle, 31

Increase to

Cox, 2948

Rate of inflation, indexed to

Cox, 275, 1279

Cullen, 2613

Marcelino, T., 1130

Martin, 55

Mayer, 1313

Morley-Lecomte, 2951

Selinger, 168

Swan, 1324

Yearly comparison

Allum, 1432

Battle of Hong Kong. See Members' statements

Bear Clan Patrol. See also Members' statements under Brandon Bear Clan Patrol

Selinger, 3392

Beef industry. See Cattle industry

Belanger, Robert. See Members' statements under Operation Clean Up

Belgian Club. See Members' statements

Bell, Harry. See Members' statements

Bergen, Martin. See Members' statements

Beverage industry. See Food and beverage industry


Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act (Bill 31)

Advocate for Children and Youth Act (Bill 9)

Agricultural Producers' Organization Funding Amendment Act (Bill 35)

An Act Respecting the Administration of Oaths of Office (Bill 1)

Appropriation Act, 2017 (Bill 42)

Brookside Cemetery Recognition Act (Bill 205)

Budget Implementation and Tax Statutes Amendment Act, 2017 (Bill 36)

Canadian Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act (Labour Mobility Act and Regulated Health Professions Act Amended) (Bill 39)

Cannabis Harm Prevention Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 25)

Children's Advocate Act (Bill 210)

City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment, Planning Amendment and Real Property Amendment Act (Conforming to Construction Standards Through Agreements) (Bill 5)

Civil Service Amendment Act (Employment Preference for Reservists with Active Service) (Bill 215)

Community Child Care Standards Amendment Act (Staff Qualifications and Training) (Bill 11)

Concussion in Youth Sport Act (Bill 37)

Conflict of Interest Act (Bill 212)

Court Security Amendment Act (Bill 17)

Crown Corporations Governance and Accountability Act (Bill 20)

Department of Justice Amendment Act (Bill 15)

Education Administration Amendment Act (First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education Policy Framework) (Bill 231)

Efficiency Manitoba Act (Bill 19)

Election Financing Amendment Act (Bill 26)

Elections Amendment Act (Bill 27)

Electoral Divisions Amendment Act (Bill 203)

Emergency Medical Response and Stretcher Transportation Amendment Act (Bill 14)

Environmental Rights Act (Bill 220)

Family Law Reform Act (Putting Children First) (Bill 224)

Fatality Inquiries Amendment Act (Bill 16)

Financial Administration Amendment Act (Economic Indicators) (Bill 216)

Fiscal Responsibility and Taxpayer Protection Act (Bill 21)

Fisheries Amendment Act (Bill 23)

Gift of Life Act (Human Tissue Gift Act Amended) (Bill 213)

Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act (Bill 29)

Health Services Insurance Amendment Act (Bill 232)

Human Rights Code Amendment Act (Bill 200)

Insurance Amendment Act (Bill 202)

Interim Appropriation Act, 2017 (2) (Bill 38)

Interim Appropriation Act, 2017 (Bill 8)

Labour Relations Amendment Act (Right to Collective Bargaining) (Bill 217)

Legal Profession Amendment Act (Queen's Counsel Appointments) (Bill 206)

Legislative Assembly Amendment Act (Bill 40)

Legislative Security Act (Bill 18)

Life Leases Amendment Act (Bill 228)

Loan Act, 2017 (Bill 43)

Local Vehicles for Hire Act (Bill 30)

Manitoba Conservation Officers Recognition Day Act (Bill 226)

Manitoba East Side Road Authority Repeal Act (Bill 6)

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology Amendment Act (Bill 10)

Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Amendment Act (Bill 225)

Medical Assistance in Dying (Protection for Health Professionals and Others) Act (Bill 34)

Mental Health Amendment and Personal Health Information Amendment Act (Bill 209)

Minimum Wage Indexation Act (Employment Standards Code Amended) (Bill 33)

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Honouring and Awareness Day Act (Bill 221)

Missing Persons Amendment Act (Silver Alert) (Bill 214)

Nanjing Massacre Commemoration Day Act (Bill 233)

New West Partnership Trade Agreement Implementation Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 7)

Orange Shirt Day Act (Bill 223)

Planning Amendment Act (Bill 222)

Pooled Registered Pension Plans (Manitoba) Act (Bill 3)

Provincial Court Amendment Act (Bill 4)

Provincial Court Amendment Act (Mandatory Training and Continuing Education) (Bill 227)

Public Health Amendment Act (Bill 207)

Public Schools Amendment Act (Continuity of Learning) (Bill 208)

Public Services Sustainability Act (Bill 28)

Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act, 2017 (Bill 24)

Red Tape Reduction Day Act (Bill 218)

Regulated Health Professions Amendment Act (Bill 13)

Regulatory Accountability Act and Amendments to The Statutes and Regulations Act (Bill 22)

Securities Amendment Act (Reciprocal Enforcement) (Bill 2)

Service and Therapy Animal Day Act (Bill 201)

Settlement of International Investment Disputes Act (Bill 211)

Statutes Correction and Minor Amendments Act 2017(Bill 32)

Surface Water Management Act (Amendment to Various Acts to Protect Lakes and Wetlands) (Bill 219)

Teachers' Pensions Amendment Act (Bill 12)

Bills up for debate

Legislative agenda

Guillemard, 537, 539

Micklefield, 537, 539

Bindle, Kelly (Thompson) PC

Basic personal tax credit

Exemption increase, 31

Budget 2017

Consultations, 30

Presentation of, 1262

Churchill Manitoba

Government visit to, 30

East Side Road Authority

Dissolution of, 30

Health-care services

Peachey report recommendations, 3603


Secret ballot voting, 31

Worker intimidation, 31

Look North strategy, 387

Members' statements

Addiction treatment centres, 35

Federal response to border crossings, 2034-2035

Glenn, Don, 1191-1192

Hall, Wayne, 3317

Heritage North Museum, 846

Mining industry

Exploration and development, 32

Investment initiatives, 1883

Investment opportunity, 386

Naloxone kits

Distribution of, 371, 480

Nanjing Massacre Commemoration Day Act (Bill 233)

2 R

Debate, 3188-3189

Questions, 3183

Northern economic development

Summits, 386

Northern Manitoba communities

Consultations with, 386

Northern Spirit Manor, 3317

Oral Questions

Investment in mining sector

Government initiatives, 1883

Presentation of new budget

Manitoba's financial outlook, 1262

Sayisi Dene First Nation

Land claim agreement, 2819

Vale Mine closure

Northern economic strategy, 2464

Provincial Clinical and Preventive Services Planning for Manitoba: Doing Things Differently and Better report

Health-care service recommendations, 3603

Provincial deficit

Reduction promise, 386-387

Provincial sales tax increase, 30

Public Health Amendment Act (Bill 207)

2 R

Questions, 371


Keeping post-secondary education affordable for students and families

Debate, 3414

Port of Churchill

Debate, 385-387

Provincial government's plan to shutter three Winnipeg emergency rooms will undermine patient care and hurt families and seniors

Debate, 3601-3604

Recognition of Manitoba First Nation leadership as governors in their own rights

Questions, 3307-3308

Reducing the devastating effects of illicit opioids

Questions, 480

Sayisi Dene First Nation

Land claim agreement, 2819

Severance packages

Disclosure legislation, 30

Throne Speech

Debate, 29-32

Vale Nickel Mine

Economic strategy--Northern Manitoba, 2464

Biomass workshop

Eichler, 1549

Bipole III

Construction, rationale for

Marcelino, T., 2586

Cost of

Johnson, 2683

Lagassé, 2590-2591

Maloway, 2680-2681

Martin, 2583

Piwniuk, 2680

Smook, 2583, 2684

PUB review

Guillemard, 2604

Johnson, 2682-2683

Schuler, 2604

Smook, 2685

West side transmission line

Johnson, 2683

Piwniuk, 2686

Birchtree Mine. See Vale Nickel Mine

Birth control. See Intrauterine device (IUD)

Bison herd

Sheep virus contamination

Eichler, 1983

Blatz, John. See Members' statements

Blenn, Don. See Members' statements

Blood donation. See Canadian Blood Services

Blue Dot campaign

Allum, 3587-3588

Altemeyer, 1653

Selinger, 3391

Boil water advisories

Current number of

Clarke, 3018-3019

Lathlin, 3018

Northern Manitoba

Clarke, 3017

Lathlin, 3017


CEO compensation

Maloway, 1354-1355

Bonivital inferno Flames. See Members' statements

Bonivital Red Sox. See Members' statements

Boreal land

Hunters-fishers treaty rights

Cox, 230-231

Klassen, 230

Sustainable development of

Cox, 230

Klassen, 230

Bourbonniere, Mitch. See Members' statements

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)

Eichler, 1982-1983

Brain health services

Improvements needed

Gerrard, 84, 133

Goertzen, 84

Brain illness prevention. See Matters of Urgent Public Importance; Members' statements

Federal funding commitment

Gerrard, 437

Pallister, 437

Brain injury, traumatic

Friesen, 2494

Gerrard, 2494

Brandon Bear Clan Patrol. See Members' statements

Brandon District United Way. See Members' statements

Brandon Manitoba. See also Members' statements

Housing First pilot project

Fielding, 2266

Isleifson, 2266

Infrastructure spending

Marcelino, F., 49

Brandon Police Chief. See Members' statements under Grant, Ian

Brandon School Division

New school, need for

Kinew, 1276, 1622

Wishart, 1622

Small class size funding inquiry

Kinew, 538-539

Wishart, 538-539

Brandon University

Operating grant amount

Kinew, 1628

Wishart, 1628


Helwer, 1401

Breastfeeding. See Lactation services

Bridge projects

Schuler, 3288

Brochet Manitoba, (fire)

Residents, assistance for

Clarke, 993

Lathlin, 993

Brookside Cemetery Recognition Act (Bill 205)

1 R

Fletcher, 2530

Bruce the Mosasaur. See Members' statements

BSE. See Bovine spongiform encephalopathy

Budget 2017

Affordability section

Allum, 455, 700-701

Friesen, 455-456

Community organizations

Allum, 699

Fontaine, 794

Lindsey, 776

Swan, 574

Wiebe, 615


Allum, 1603-1605

Bindle, 30

Friesen, 96

Johnston, 130

Lagimodiere, 138, 3108

Michaleski, 3115

Pallister, 1603-1606

Core-summary reporting

Friesen, 458-459

Crime prevention

Pallister, 1050-1051

Stefanson, 1050

Swan, 1050

Education Property Tax Credit

Allum, 453

Friesen, 453-454


Gerrard, 1349

Five-year projections

Allum, 456

Friesen, 456-457

Selinger, 636

Health-care services

Friesen, 3009

Gerrard, 132, 3009

Highways and roads

Wharton, 1389

Infrastructure spending

Wowchuk, 1363

Library services

Lindsey, 1157

Pallister, 1157

Squires, 1157

Minimum wage increase

Cullen, 630

Fontaine, 534, 630

Friesen, 534

New programs, timeline for

Friesen, 459

Gerrard, 459

Poverty reduction

Allum, 1441

Fielding, 535-536

Lathlin, 535-536

Presentation of

Bindle, 1262

Friesen, 1263

Projections, need for

Allum, 654

Release date

Allum, 441-444, 640

Altemeyer, 550

Friesen, 400, 441-444, 508

Gerrard, 520

Guillemard, 400

Maloway, 508

Marcelino, F., 558

Wiebe, 615


Klassen, 1281-1282

Tax credits

Cox, 1279

Micklefield, 1318

Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Lathlin, 1392-1393

Tuition rates

Marcelino, F., 1083, 1269

Pallister, 1083

Budget Address

Friesen, 1240-1248

Budget Debate

Allum, 1402-1412, 1431-1447

Altemeyer, 1367-1370, 1388


Marcelino, F., 1270-1271

Cox, 1278-1280

Cullen, 1272-1274

Fontaine, 1318-1322

Gerrard, 1347-1350

Goertzen, 1393-1395

Helwer, 1400-1402

Kinew, 1274-1278

Klassen, 1280-1281

Lamoureux, 1314-1316

Lathlin, 1390-1393

Lindsey, 1309-1312

Maloway, 1353-1356

Marcelino, F., 1267

Marcelino, T., 1286-1287

Mayer, 1312-1314

Michaleski, 1287, 1308-1309

Micklefield, 1316-1318

Saran, 1364-1367

Schuler, 1322-1323

Selinger, 1395-1400

Smith, A., 1351-1353

Squires, 1327-1329, 1347


Vote, 1447-1448

Swan, 1323-1327

Teitsma, 1283-1286

Vote, 1448-1449, 1450

Wharton, 1388-1390

Wiebe, 1359-1363

Wishart, 1356-1359

Wowchuk, 1363-1364

Budget Implementation and Tax Statutes Amendment Act, 2017 (Bill 36)

1 R

Friesen, 2455

2 R

Debate, 3655

Friesen, 2551-2555

Maloway, 2563-2568

Marcelino, F., 2558-2561

Micklefield, 2561-2563


Clarke, 2555-2556

Friesen, 2556-2558

Gerrard, 2556

Klassen, 2556

Lamoureux, 2557

Maloway, 2555-2557

C/3 R

Friesen, 3659


Filmon, 3661


Clause 88

Allum, 3657-3658

Insurance corporations

Annual tax filing

Friesen, 2552

Opening statements

Allum, 3656-3657

Friesen, 3656

Gerrard, 3657

Public presentations at committee

Allum, 3429

Friesen, 3429-3430

Tax credits

Friesen, 2552-2554

Budgets, multi-year

Friesen, 460

Gerrard, 460

Bug Chucker Cup. See Members' statements

Buhler Eye Care Centre

Facility maintenance

Gerrard, 2424

Goertzen, 2424

Request to maintain location

Gerrard, 2105-2106

Goertzen, 2105-2106

Building codes. See Agricultural fields; City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment, Planning Amendment and Real Property Amendment Act (Conforming to Construction Standards Through Agreements)

Building Manitoba Fund

Budget, 2017, funding in

Clarke, 1478-1479

Maloway, 1478-1479

Building on Abilities initiatives

Mayer, 64

Bulbuck, Perry. See Members' statements

Bullying. See Cool 2Be Kind Campaign

Bureau de l'éducation française. See Francophone Affairs

Bursaries. See Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative

Business Continuity Planning program

Disaster planning improvements

Schuler, 3288

Buyahok, Monsignor Michael. See Members' statements


Advertising campaign (WRHA)

Marcelino, F., 2258-2259, 2385-2386

Pallister, 2258-2259, 2385-2386


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