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HOUSE INDEX - 2nd Session - 41st Legislature

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Daffodil Month. See Members' statements

Dakota Access Pipeline. See Members' statements under Standing Rock

Service dogs, use of

Guillemard, 471

Klassen, 471

Dakota Collegiate. See also Petitions

Alumni Field funding

Allum, 703

Goertzen, 770

Kinew, 628, 720, 770, 781

Marcelino, F., 1083-1084

Pallister, 721, 1084

Swan, 734-735

Wishart, 628-629

Alumni Field status update

Kinew, 1624

Wishart, 1624

Dakota Community Centre. See Members' statements

Dangerous goods handling

Hazardous chemicals

Friesen, 2875

Daughters of the Vote. See Members' statements

Dauphin Correctional Centre, new facility

Construction status update

Fontaine, 3282

Friesen, 510-511

Stefanson, 3282

Swan, 510

Land donated for

Fontaine, 3284

Stefanson, 3284

Need for

Swan, 1119

Population numbers

Capital project review

Fontaine, 3283

Stefanson, 3283-3284

Dauphin Manitoba. See also Members' statements

ER service hub

Goertzen, 2013-2014

Wiebe, 2013-2014

Infrastructure investments

Michaleski, 3099

Wharton, 3099

MRI status update

Goertzen, 2013, 3040

Marcelino, Flor, 1150

Pallister, 1150

Smith, B., 3599

Swan, 3040, 3110

Wiebe, 2013

School maintenance projects

Michaleski, 2106

Wishart, 2106

Daycare. See Child care

Debt financing

Floating vs. fixed rates

Allum, 2205

Friesen, 2205-2206

Debt servicing costs

Investment, impact on

Cox, 1278

Manitobans, impact on

Friesen, 1201

Johnson, 1129

Smith, A., 1201

Dedicated stroke unit

Development inquiry

Goertzen, 2704

Klassen, 2704

Government position

Gerrard, 854

Pallister, 854

Need for

Gerrard, 133

Timeline for

Pallister, 1700-1701

Wiebe, 1700

Deenie, Lefko-Halas. See Members' statements

Deer Lodge Centre

Nursing staff layoffs

Kinew, 3320-3321, 3364-3365

Pallister, 3320-3321, 3364-3365

Deficit. See Provincial deficit

Deficit reduction

Government spending, reduction in

Allum, 2131-2133

Friesen, 2131-2133

DEKALB Superspiel. See Members' statements

Delorme,Valerie. See Members' statements

Dementia patients. See also Missing Persons Amendment Act (Silver Alert)

Service animals, use of

Maloway, 475

Dental assistant program (UCN)

Cancellation of

Lathlin, 1232-1233

Wishart, 1232-1233

Department of Justice Amendment Act (Bill 15)

1 R

Stefanson, 525

2 R


Lamoureux, 911

Stefanson, 907-908

Swan, 909-911


Stefanson, 908-909

Swan, 908-909

Referred to Standing Committee on Justice

C 3/R

Lamoureux, 2292

Stefanson, 2291-2292

Swan, 2292


Filmon, 2751

Crown attorney's, civil actions against

Stefanson, 908

Crown attorney's, wage freeze

Swan, 910

Discovery process

Stefanson, 909

Swan, 909, 910

Depression and anxiety

Economy, costs to

Gerrard, 342

Exercise, effectiveness of

Gerrard, 791

Rates of

Gerrard, 1349

Deregulation. See also Red Tape Reduction Day Act

Safety concerns

Selinger, 1398

Destination Imagination. See Members' statements

Devils Lake diversion

Water protection concerns

Swan, 1830


Economic costs

Gerrard, 1349

Health care costs

Gerrard, 415-416, 790

Metis community

Gerrard, 315, 2711

Prevention plan

Gerrard, 436, 1349

Pallister, 436

Digestive health. See MSPrebiotics Inc.

Dikes and dams

Rehabilitation projects

Schuler, 3287-3288

Disabilities, intellectual. See Building on Abilities initiatives

Disabilities, persons with. See also Service and Therapy Animal Day Act

Accessibility standards

Fielding, 82

Fontaine, 81-82

Early screening for

Selinger, 1724

Wishart, 1724

KPMG funding recommendations

Fielding, 2901-2902

Smith, B., 2901-2902

Service improvements

Lagimodiere, 136

Service support

Mayer, 64

Disaster financial assistance (DFA)

Program improvements

Schuler, 3288

Disaster planning. See Business Continuity Planning program

Discovery and Variety Development

Wheat research

Eichler, 1989

Divorce. See Family Law Reform Act (Putting Children First)

Diwali Festival of Lights

Cox, 2955

Lamoureux, 2956

Marcelino, F., 2955

Doctors, rural. See rural doctor program; Rural doctors

Domestic violence

Prevention funding--Northern Manitoba

Lathlin, 1392

Prevention initiatives

Squires, 1328

Support services

Morley-Lecomte, 173

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Fielding, 3359

Fontaine, 3359-3360

Klassen, 3360

Doula training

Funding for

Fontaine, 1720

Wishart, 1720-1721

Downie, Gord. See Members' statements

Downtown development

True North Square project

Schuler, 773

Swan, 773

Driedger, Hon. Myrna (Charleswood) PC

Auditor General report

Follow-up report, March 2017, 763

Chief Electoral Officer

Annual report 2016, 2804

Civil Service Commission

Supplementary Information for Legislative Review, 2017-2018, 1872

Legislative Assembly Management Commission

Annual report, March 31, 2017, 1252

Legislative Security Act (Bill 18)

Speaker's ruling on Clause 8, 2628

Management of MRI Services, Auditor General report, April 2017, 1146

Managing Climate Change

Auditor General report, December 2010, 3123

Matters of Privilege

By Fletcher regarding security and functionality of the Legislature during emergency situations

Speaker's ruling, 3217-3218

Members' Salaries, Allowances and Retirement Plans Disclosure Regulation

Tabling of report 2016-2017, 2804

Office of the Children's Advocate

Annual report 2015-2016, 221


Annual report, December 31st, 2016, 2593

Points of Order

P/O by Cullen regarding the use of props in the chamber

Speaker's ruling, 3558-3559

P/O by Guillemard regarding comments made by the Member for St. Johns, Speaker's ruling found in 3rd session [41st] (p. 122-123)

Under advisement, 3507

P/O by Klassen regarding alleged comments by the Member for Emerson

Speaker's ruling, 1759-1760

P/O by Maloway requesting a letter quoted during question period by tabled

Speakers' ruling, 1974-1975

P/O by Marcelino, T. retracting statements made regarding the Nazi party

Speaker's ruling, 127-128

P/O by Swan regarding comments made by the Member for Emerson regarding voter suppression in the St. John's constituency

Speakers' ruling, 3374


Shuttleworth, Dave, introduction of, 2529

Speaker's statement

Chief, Kevin (resignation), 327

Dunn, Blake (retirement), 882

MacAulay, Dwight (retirement), 2642

Original Manitoba mace, 2029

Remnant, Binx (memorial), 525

Waterman, Craig (memorial), 427

Drinking water

Quality testing

Altemeyer, 2789

Gerrard, 2878

Lindsey, 2789

Safety inspections

Altemeyer, 889-890

Cox, 889-890

Friesen, 2875

Sources, protection of

Lindsey, 2792

Driver certification. See Matters of Urgent Public Importance

Drug courts

Expansion of

Swan, 67-68

Drug-impaired driving

Road safety initiatives

Micklefield, 3427

Stefanson, 3427

Dryden, Isabella. See Members' statements

Duchesne, Master Corporal Christian. See Members' statements

Ducks Unlimited

Altemeyer, 925

Eichler, 1982

Schuler, 926

Swan, 2235

Dunn, Blake. See Ministerial statements; Speaker's statement

Dutch elm disease

Prevention funding

Altemeyer, 3162

Squires, 3162

Dwarfism Awareness Day. See Resolutions

Dyck, Colleen. See Members' statements

Dyslexia screening

Selinger, 1724

Wishart, 1724


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