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HOUSE INDEX - 2nd Session - 41st Legislature

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Yakimoski, Blair (Transcona) PC

Canada Summer Games

Preparation update, 2108

Canadian Centre for Child Protection, 1510, 1511

Community Child Care Standards Amendment Act (Staff Qualifications and Training) (Bill 11), 855

Education system

Infrastructure renewal projects, 3327

Environmental Rights Act (Bill 220)

2 R

Debate, 3592-3593

Film industry, Manitoba

Contribution to economy, 1422

Hog industry expansion

Lake Winnipeg phosphorus levels, 3593

Infrastructure projects

Education, investments in, 3327

Lake Winnipeg

Hog industry expansion

Phosphorus levels, 3593

Members' statements

Goertzen, Alex, 3030-3031

Hereditary angioedema, 2098-2099

L'Arche Tova Café, 588

Night before Christmas at the Legislature, 302-303

Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, 986

Transcona Memorial United Church, 2536

Naloxone kits

Distribution of, 372

Oral Questions

Canada Summer Games

Preparation update, 2108

Child-care standards act

Introduction of new legislation, 855

Education investments

Infrastructure renewal projects, 3327

Manitoba film industry

Contribution to economy, 1422

Treaty Land Entitlement

Urban economic zones, 1303

Project Arachnid, 1510

Public Health Amendment Act (Bill 207)

2 R

Questions, 372


Action against industrial pollution in St. Boniface

Debate, 3200-3201

Asserting copyright for victims of child abuse

Copyright jurisdiction (international), 1512

Criminal vs. civil proceedings, 1511-1512

Debate, 1508-1510

Federal jurisdiction, 1511

Questions, 1511-1513

Child advocacy organizations

Debate, 2094-2095

Questions, 2088

Promotion of e-waste disposal/recycling

Questions, 1823

Snowflake Place, 2088

Throne Speech

Debate, 284-286

Treaty Land Entitlement

Urban economic zones, 1303

Urban economic zones

Treaty Land Entitlement, 1303

Yousafzai, Malala. See Ministerial statements

Youth for Christ. See Members' statements

Youth justice committees

Need for

Lamoureux, 547

Pilot project, request for

Lamoureux, 536-537

Stefanson, 537

Youth sports

Concussion protocol

Reyes, 2545

Squires, 2545


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