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HOUSE INDEX - 2nd Session - 41st Legislature

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Vale Nickel Mine

Economic strategy--Northern Manitoba

Bindle, 2464

Cullen, 2464

Northern Manitoba, impact of closures

Marcelino, F., 2164-2165

Pallister, 2164-2165

Workforce retraining program

Kinew, 2166-2167

Wishart, 1911, 2166-2167

Vassart, Lori. See Members' statements under Supper Central

Vehicle Impoundment Registry

Annual report

Stefanson, 73

Vehicles-for-hire. See Local Vehicles for Hire Act; Ride-sharing services; Taxi services

Veterans' Week

Cox, 3514

Lamoureux, 3515

Swan, 3514-3515

Veterinary services

Audit requirement, replacement of

Friesen, 2874

Victoria General Hospital

Highway and road access concerns

Goertzen, 3323

Swan, 3322-3323

Urgent care centre, change to

Allum, 1435

Goertzen, 1649

Wait times and staff levels

Goertzen, 3323-3324

Swan, 3323

Villanueva, Jestoni. See Members' statements

Vimy Ridge

One-hundredth anniversary

Curry, 1520-1521

Klassen, 1332

Lamoureux, 1190

Pallister, 1188-1189

Swan, 1189-1190, 1331-1332

Wishart, 1331

Violence against women. See Ministerial statements; Women, violence against

Virden, Town of. See Members' statements

Vital Statistics Agency

Annual report 2016

Stefanson, 295

Annual report 2016-2017

Stefanson, 3357

Vokey, Natasha. See Members' statements


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