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HOUSE INDEX - 2nd Session - 41st Legislature

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Business model

Maloway, 3642-3643

Ukrainian Canadian Heritage Day. See Statutes Correction and Minor Amendments Act, 2017

Ukrainian Canadian Women in Politics. See Members' statements

Unemployment rate

Economic policies

Marcelino, F., 303-304

Pallister, 303-304

Government jobs plan

Chief, 304-305

Cullen, 304-305

Pallister, 305

Unions. See also Collective bargaining

Precarious work

Protection against

Lindsey, 744

Marcelino, T., 744

United Empire Loyalists

Lamoureux, 2691

Lathlin, 2690

Squires, 2689-2690

United Grain Growers. See Members' statements

United Way. See Members' statements under Brandon District United Way

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Act

Goertzen, 1567

Université de Saint-Boniface

Child-care program, need for

Fielding, 3268

Smith, B., 3268

University. See Post-secondary education; specific universities

University College of the North (UCN)

Dental assistant program, cancellation of

Lathlin, 1232-1233

Wishart, 1232-1233

Fundraising capacity, concern for

Kinew, 1716

Wishart, 1716

General comments

Lathlin, 384

Midwifery program

McMaster funding arrangement

Kinew, 1717

Wishart, 1717

Midwifery program update

Kinew, 1716-1717

Wishart, 1716-1717

University of Manitoba

Collective bargaining negotiations

Altemeyer, 139-140

Kinew, 1752-1753

Pallister, 1752-1753

Saran, 163

Front and Centre campaign funding

Kinew, 1715

Wishart, 1715

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation

Funding proposal

Kinew, 1715

Wishart, 1715

Neurosurgery team

Marcelino, F., 3032

Operating grant amount

Kinew, 1627

Wishart, 1627

University of Winnipeg

Leatherdale Hall project update

Kinew, 1632

Wishart, 1632

Operating grant amount

Kinew, 1627

Wishart, 1627

Unlocking the Toolkit Girls Forums

STEM promotion

Squires, 1328

Untendered contracts

Smook, 2587

Urban economic zones

Treaty Land Entitlement

Clarke, 1303, 2529, 3011

Yakimoski, 1303

Urban reserves

Clarke, 180

Urgent-care centres

ER's vs. urgent care

Costs to operate

Altemeyer, 1735

Goertzen, 1735-1736

Peachey report recommendations

Goertzen, 1882

Wiebe, 1882

Ursel, Jane. See Members' statements under Rudniski, Lori


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