4 Girls Only!

October 11th of each year is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the rights of girls in Manitoba and across the globe. To mark 2014’s United Nations International Day of the Girl, Gender Equity Manitoba launched a new edition of its educational resource for girls, 4 Girls Only!

4 Girls Only! is a colourful, fun, and fact-filled guide for girls across Manitoba in grades 6 to 8 that explores real-life issues that Manitoba girls have told us are important to them. Topics in this guide include empowerment, healthy relationships, education, community engagement and the celebration of diversity. The guide also includes a directory of resources that girls can access for assistance with their particular needs.

We hope that 4 Girls Only! will be useful in your work. If you have any questions, please contact the Gender Equity Manitoba office at (204) 945-6281 or 1-800-263-0234, or by e-mail at msw@gov.mb.ca.

4 Girls Only! Complete Guide (PDF)

Table of Contents