2024 Manitoba Spring Road Restrictions (SRR) Program

2024 Official Spring Road Restrictions Order No. 1 (PDF)

2024 Spring Road Restrictions – Order for Start and End Dates (PDF)

2024 spring road restrictions have ended in all climate zones.

The purpose of Spring Road Restrictions is to protect Manitoba's surfaced pavements from undue damage by reducing allowable axle weights during the spring thawing season. In consultation with those affected by these weight reductions, Transportation and Infrastructure periodically revises its policies and procedures to reflect the current transportation trends, industry needs and weather patterns. Up to date policies and procedures help industry improve trip planning while minimizing the impact of loads to the weak pavement structures when they are at their most vulnerable conditions.

General guidelines to Spring Road Restrictions are provided here. Please refer to The Highway Traffic Act for specific details.

Notification of Affected Highways

Spring road restrictions are determined through collection and analysis of data from the previous year, resulting in the evaluation and determination of which roads will be subject to restriction in the upcoming spring season. To assist motor carriers, farmers, businesses and other interested parties in preparation, the Spring Road Restrictions Order, identifying affected roadways, is made available on our website in the fall with subsequent update(s) as required. Advertisements announcing that the upcoming spring road restrictions order is available, and information on how to obtain the Order, are published in the fall and in February prior to the restrictions start date in the following publications:

  1. La Liberte
  2. Winnipeg Free Press
  3. Winnipeg Sun
  4. Brandon Sun

Copies of the Spring Road Restrictions Order can be obtained by:

Please check this web site and Highway Information line (511) regularly for changes throughout the restriction period.

  1. Web site: Refer to this web site often for updated orders, changes in start and end dates, Summary of Changes from last year, Allowable Axle Weights, SRR Maps and more.
  2. Highway Information Line: Information will be available through a verbal description of road restrictions at 511, or 1-877-627-6237 outside Manitoba.

Implementation dates

The earliest start dates of Spring Road Restrictions are March 1 for Zone 1A, March 6 for Zone 1B and Zone 2, and March 12 for Zone 3. The start date in a climate zone may be delayed in years of late thaw. This is determined based on the trend of thawing index in each zone. The latest end dates of Spring Road Restrictions are May 29 for Zone 1A, May 31 for Zone 1B and Zone 2, and June 10 for Zone 3. SRR may be ended earlier in a climate zone depending upon weather conditions (trend of the thawing index) in that climate zone.

Climate Zone

Earliest Start Date

Latest End Date

Applicable to SRR Levels

Zone 1A

March 1

May 29

Both SRR Levels (Levels 1 and 2)

Zone 1B

March 6

May 31

Both SRR Levels (Levels 1 and 2)

Zone 2

March 6

May 31

Both SRR Levels (Levels 1 and 2)

Zone 3

March 12

June 10

Both SRR Levels (Levels 1 and 2)

A delayed start date and/or an earlier end date will be communicated via this web site and Highway Information (511).

Need More Information

For further information, please contact any of the following:

  1. Transportation and Infrastructure Regional Offices
  2. Manitoba Weigh Stations
  3. Permit Services: 1-204-945-3961 or toll-free at 1-877-812-0009
  4. Motor Carrier Enforcement: 1-204-945-3890