Climate Change and Environment

Sustainable Agri-Processing

Funding to support the sustainability of Manitoba's agri-processing sector by assisting with studies and capital investment purchases that contribute energy saving and Green House Gas (GHG) reduction, optimization of agri-inputs, reduction of water use and clarification of waste water, and the conversion of by-products and waste products to alternative value-added applications.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants include:

  • primary producers
  • agri-food processors
  • agri-product processors
  • licensed commercial kitchens
  • Indigenous Government/Indigenous individuals, businesses, communities, and organizations, other Indigenous groups undertaking agricultural initiatives
  • wholesalers (food, ingredients)
  • abattoirs

Eligible Expenses

Sustainable Agri-Processing funds a variety of activities available within four funding streams:

  • Building Envelope, Lighting and Ventilation Upgrades
  • Input Use Efficiency
  • Water Use Efficiency
  • Waste Use Efficiency

List of funding streams:

Building Envelope, Lighting and Ventilation Upgrades

Funding to support the assessment and upgrades applicable to new and existing agri-food and agri-product production and office areas and equipment that create energy savings and/or GHG reductions.

Input Use Efficiency

Funding to reduce wastage of agri-food and agri-product inputs that occur during harvest, during storage of crops and ingredients, and during processing by supporting the purchase of assets and systems that will mitigate wastage at these various points.

Water Use Efficiency

Funding to reduce the amount of water used by agri-processors in their production and/or sanitation processes, to the treatment of wastewater prior to being disposed or returned to the municipal system, or to the recovery of nutrients from wastewater.

Waste Use Efficiency

Funding to support the implementation of projects that contribute to the creation of new value, the diversion, or new applications for agri-processing waste products, by-products, or co-products.