Climate Change and Environment

Water Use Efficiency


The Water Use Efficiency funding stream supports projects that will contribute to the reduction in the amount of water used by agri-processors in their production and/or sanitation processes, to the treatment of wastewater prior to being disposed or returned to the municipal system, or to the recovery of nutrients from wastewater.

Intake Information

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Eligible Applicants

  • primary producers
  • agri-food processors
  • agri-product processors
  • licensed commercial kitchens
  • Indigenous Government/Indigenous individuals, businesses, communities, and organizations, other Indigenous groups undertaking agricultural initiatives
  • wholesalers (food, ingredients)
  • abattoirs

Eligible Activities

  • equipment, technology, and systems, including upgrades to existing systems that contributes to the reduction in the amount of water used in association with processing or manufacturing food and beverage products and sanitation activities associated with food processing.
  • equipment that recovers/extracts nutrients from wastewater
  • equipment, technologies, and systems that facilitate the recycling of water.
  • company-scale wastewater treatment equipment or systems such as dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems. Lagoon construction or expansion is eligible when new or incremental treatment infrastructure is a project component.

Project Timeline

Up to 24 months

Cost Share Funding

50 per cent government and 50 per cent applicant to a maximum contribution of $250,000 per project.

Additional Information and Documents

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