Sector Councils & Industry Associations

The Sector Council Program encourages long-range human resource planning within economic industry sectors to create high-performance workplaces. Sector Councils are dedicated human resource development/training organizations that bring together representatives from key stakeholder groups to address changing competitive needs.
The program assists with cost-shared funding, joint planning and collaboration with business and industry to develop a highly skilled workforce in Manitoba.
By bringing together companies, education/training providers and other labour market partners, the Sector Councils provide opportunities not readily available to individual companies. This approach:
  • enables industry to participate in cost-shared training to meet ever changing needs
  • increases employer involvement in long-term planning and commitment to training
  • focuses training resources on priority training needs
  • introduces industry-determined college and university programs
  • provides employees with transferable skills
  • develops strategies for the inclusion of diverse groups
  • produces economies of scale that result in financial savings
There are currently 16 provincially supported Sector Councils in Manitoba, representing more than 280,000 workers and over 9000 employers, small business owners, labour groups and others.
Manitoba is proud to support the unique human resource development opportunities that the provincial Sector Councils deliver, building on the strategy of collaboration and information-sharing they provide for industry and government.
In addition, Manitoba supports The Alliance of Manitoba Sector Councils (AMSC) to manage the business and training centre at 1000 Waverley, Winnipeg, provide shared services to Sector Councils and support Sector Councils in their efforts to collect and analyze Labour Market Information.
Below please find a listing of the current Provincially Funded industry Sector Councils in Manitoba. Please click on the link to re-direct you to their specific websites.