Hiring Someone with a disability is good business. And that's the bottom line

James H.

James lives with chronic pain – but he was able to adapt the skills and knowledge he acquired through the trucking industry into a whole new career.

A permit agent with Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation, James works with the motor carrier industry to make sure overweight and over-dimensional loads are moved safely along Manitoba’s highways protecting Manitoba’s infrastructure and the general motoring public.

“With the help of the Manitoba Civil Service Commission, this job has really been a gift for me,” says James. “It allowed me to get a job that has kept me in the industry that has been a big part of my life. Because of my disability, I was no longer able to drive a truck, but I am still involved with them.”

James says too many employees seem to think that people with disabilities are limited in their work performance abilities. Some think employees with disabilities will have health issues that will affect their work and attendance.

James says: “For those thinking about hiring people with disabilities, look past what you see.”