Hiring Someone with a disability is good business. And that's the bottom line

Meet some of the Manitobans behind the campaign


"With the help of the Manitoba Civil Service Commission, this job has really been a gift for me... It allowed me to get a job that has kept me in the industry that has been a big part of my life. Because of my disability, I was no longer able to drive a truck, but I am still involved with them.” [read more...]

-- James


“It’s very satisfying just to be in a working environment with a group of terrific people who know they don’t have to treat me as though I were fragile... Having a disability can feel very isolating, so working makes me feel useful again and connected to the community.” [read more...]

-- Janet


“Some employers might think people with intellectual disabilities might be slow at doing their jobs, or take a long time to train, but that’s not so... My advice to them is to just give people with disabilities a chance. We are just like everybody else. My managers treat me the same as everyone else who works here.” [read more...]

-- Jason


“I couldn’t sit long enough to drive into Winnipeg to go back to school, so I decided to study at home for my realtor’s licence... My previous work showed me I had a way of making others relax and although home buying should be exciting, it is often nerve-wracking for people, especially first-time buyers.” [read more...]

-- Ingrid