Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection

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Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection

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We contribute to a vibrant and prosperous Manitoba by celebrating, developing, supporting and promoting the identity, creativity and well-being of Manitobans, their communities and their province. We also foster business and consumer confidence in the marketplace and administer a regulatory framework that contributes to a competitive Manitoba economy.


  • Generate sustainable economic growth based on Manitoba's unique identity and attributes.
  • Increase community capacity to improve the well-being of Manitobans.
  • Enhance public access to knowledge and information while protecting privacy and personal information.
  • Engage Manitobans in sharing and making use of the province’s cultural and heritage resources.
  • Build Manitoba’s identity and reputation as a centre of artistic excellence.
  • Support Manitoba’s investments in amateur sport and encourage the hosting of regional, national and international sport events.
  • To nurture a fair, efficient and informed marketplace for businesses and consumers, including landlords and tenants.
  • To maintain reliable and secure data registries of vital life events, land titles and personal property interests.
  • To provide fair, effective and timely dispute resolution for consumers, tenants and landlords, and persons appealing a bodily injury compensation decision of Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation’s Internal Review Office.
  • Provide effective leadership and support to corporate and departmental priorities.

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