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Primary Care

Supports for Primary Care Practices

The Province of Manitoba is making strategic investments to provide greater access to quality primary care for residents and ensure a sustainable health care system. Access to continuous and comprehensive  primary care is foundational for achieving these goals. Our long-term vision for 2020 is that all Manitobans will be knowledgeable about and have access to high-quality, cost-effective primary care.

Access to a Family Doctor and Primary Care Team for All Manitobans by 2015

A key first step in achieving the vision is to ensure that all Manitobans who want a primary care provider are connected with a physician or nurse practitioner who will provide them with ongoing primary care, ideally with the support of an interprofessional team. This is an important first step. 

Some Tools That Can Help

Manitoba is taking numerous steps to increase system and provider capacity to support both the 2015 goal and the longer-term vision.  These include:

  • Supporting provider groups to implement Advanced Access: Assistance is available to help your practice so that your patients can see you or another primary care provider at a time and date convenient for them. By significantly reducing wait times for services, your clinic can provide earlier diagnosis and treatment to patients. The Advanced Access model used in Manitoba has a proven track record of sustained improvements to organizational structure, use of staff, teamwork, clinical outcomes, communication and co-operation, and use of financial resources. Click here to find out more.
  • Developing My Health Teams:  These are collaborative partnerships between regional health authorities, independent primary care practices, and community organizations who work closely with one another to plan, develop and provide enhanced local primary care services. Click here to find out more.

  • Adding resources to support interprofessional practice: Interprofessional practice can increase patient access to care, while enabling physicians to spend more time with patients so that they are better able to meet their medical needs.  Click here to find out more.

Additional information about other primary care initiatives and supports such as TeleCARE, Dial-a-Dietitian, Mobile Clinics, QuickCare Clinics, and ACCESS Centres is available on this website.

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